Sunday, November 1, 2009

Intention - 55 Fiction

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


" What are you reading ? ", Rishitha asked Mahesh.

" Reading about current social problems in India. "

" Any exam? "

" No ... I want to write a new topic about poverty and farmers in 55 words ."

" That' s Great. You really care for them." 
" Not exactly ...... It is easy to blog than to help them, besides, i get few awards too."

PS: This post is dedicated to 'Honest Scrap Award' presented by 'Guria' to 'Wisdomism'. 

Note: No offences intended to anyone, except Me.


Rohini Prasanth said...

hello Mahesh! Cool wisdomisms :)

My first visit to your blog - forgive me, I have just been occupied with other things :)Cool blog you have here.

Mahesh said...

@ Rohini

Hi ...
Welcome to the track of Wisdomism....
Hope you had fruitful reading....
Thanks for your time and those sweet words :) :)
And please dont use those heavy words like 'Forgive'. It is your choice :)

mahesh kalaal

Guria said...

Hey Mahesh...

Commentatting here the first time I guess :)
I have been an admirer of ur 55Fs... and was pleasantly surprised that you wrote such an "honest" one for the award! :P :) :)
Actually, I am a very moody commentator :P but an obsessive reader... :):)
I do read urs on my Reader but don't always comment...
But I will, I will...
Congrats on the award, more will be coming ur way... just wait for them :) :)

Singh Amit said...

An honest and thoughtful 55 fiction... :)
Loved it... :)

And congrats for your awards too.. :)


Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Amit,

Thanks for an honest comment :) :)

Mahesh Kalaal said...

Hi Guria....

Thanks a lot for your time, feedback and those supportive words ....
Even i prefer my posts to be read and get communicated..... Even i dont encourage ritualistic comments just for the heck of it....I feel comments should be an extension(opinions, support, suggestions, feedback) to the post rather than jus mere formal words :) : )
So, please continue your obsession with reading :) :) :).....but comment only if you honestly feel to :) :) :)

I will be waiting for your honest comments :) :) :)

mahesh kalaal

Shruti said...

This is nice mahesh! Lot better than the previous one. But still, i know you can give your best! What say mahi?!

P.S : Is this 55Fiction or Non-fiction?! Cos, u deal more with reality stuffs, than fictions!

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Shruti,

Yes buddy, you are absolutely correct in saying that my best is yet to come .

Is this 55Fiction or Non-fiction?!...

Thanks a lot buddy for raising this relevant and wise question.

I wanted my readers to get this doubt and deliberately included my name and the social concerns to convey my intention in an indirect way .... Am i clear now buddy ?

Yes, you are right i do prefer reality stuff. I do try to fabricate both to communicate in a better way ..... but for me 55 fiction is a means to reach my end rather than the end in itself.

Anyways, please keep alerting me with your rational observations and suggestions.....thanks again

mahi :)

BK Chowla said...

I am reading your 55 first time.
It is very honest effort.I wish I could write 55....well.

Shruti said...

Though u fabricate reality stuffs with sorta fiction like stuffs, can it be named as 55Fiction? Cos, the basic elements of 55Fiction is drama,suspense,shock! So....... I don't know :)

P.S: U told what?!"rational observations"!
Am i making such observations?! :O :O

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Shruti...

Cos, the basic elements of 55Fiction is drama,suspense,shock! .....

I guess i have to rework on my perspective and approach towards 55 fic now..... Lets see where i will land upon.

Rational??....Yes. No one else has questioned the credibility/validity of my 55 fics with enough rational reasons. Isnt it rational buddy :)

Thanks for your analysis and support :)

Keep raising the bar :)

mahi :)

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ BK Chowla,

I will be waiting to read your first 55 fiction :)
I will be glad if you read my other works of 55 fiction too :) :)
thanks a lot for your time :)

Anonymous said...

I just love the sarcasm and satire in your posts.
These days you are writing a lot of 55 fictions.And they are all superb, but still i miss the long posts.


Mahesh Kalaal said...

Hi Shilpa....

Seems you are quite busy these days..... no updates frm your blog.

Thanks for the pat and support buddy:)
Yeah, bit more 55 fics . I will be back to those lengthy ones soon. BTW, did you read 'Awards and Prizes'(full lenght :))...?

Thanks again

mahesh kalaal

Anonymous said...

Well, students are always busy,but that's not the reason behind no updates. Actually i am following you only, you taught me a lesson, "For me, blogging is one of the means to reach my end, rather, allowing blogging to use me as a means to reach it's end called addiction." remember once you said this ?
That's what i have started doing,to use blogging as a means to reach my end. I started blogging with an aim, so i don't wanna divert my mind from it.

Yes I read your 'Awards and Prizes'. Rather i read all your posts and also all other blogs that i used to read, its just that i don't comment that often.Not because i am lazy but because i don't want to comment just for the sake of it, such comments hardly benefit the writer.


Nethra said...

It was nice, but not like your other stories. I didn't find it innovative.

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Nethra,

Hi buddy.... am happy ......yes......thanks for your honest comment on a honest post :) :) :). Indeed i like such comment of rationality which is the essence of wisdomism... :)
I mean it.
Yes, it is void of creativity and the flavour of 55 fiction..... may be because i wanted it to be in that way, honestly...... may be i said something else through some unsaid words. It is very much straight and plane.

Please do keep giving me your honest feedback, always. You are most welcome buddy..... thanks again :) :) :)


Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Shilpa,

Wow, one of the best feedback Wisdomism has ever received. Thanks a million ton. :).

I am really glad(elated satisfaction) that those words i said did help you(student) in a meaningful manner. Frankly, I never thought that someone will take my feedback so seriously. I did mean those words. I wish you will definitely reach your aim through your blog in a constructive way.
Have great preparation time for your academics. Have a bright future ahead.
I will be the happiest one to cheer and clap on your success.

...i don't want to comment just for the sake of it, such comments hardly benefit the writer.....

That is really appreciable and constructive thinking on your part . It is indeed the nominal comments which gives the writer a false feedback. Please do continue your honest and genuine comments/feedback......

thanks again :)


Vinod_Sharma said...

First visit here. Nice blog. Great story. Yes, it is easier to blog than to physically do something. But this effort too is not in vain.

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Vinod ji

Welcome to wisdomism....
I am very glad that you indeed got my motive behind writing this topic and grasping the positive factor in it...
thanks a lot. :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Hi! My first time here... and this is a good effort at 55-Fiction.

I have addressed your Qs re: my earlier post ("Grief" - A 77-Fiction) on my blog. Do check it out...

P.S. Let me know your take on my latest flash fiction...

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Mahesh

Despite the truly ironic real story behind this fiction, you have left the right kind of the fairly deep thought which is so significant.

But having said that all, I believe nothing wrong is such perception…as a part that person might like to feel.
The truth lies strong where that he/she still indirectly helping the urge in the cause as the awareness deed.

Cheers to the effective deed and efficient effort made!

Keep the spark and Smile alive!

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Rachana,

I really thank you a ton for your analysis and the interpretation. I am happy that you indeed got the hidden story effectively.

You did speak the unsaid words of this post.What else a writer wants from the readers......

Thanks for your thoughtful insight and meant words with encouraging flavours.

mahesh :) :)

Anonymous said...


No dear, we all what you are doing..... all the best.......go ahead...... just be deaf.. just don't listen to any comment.

- Pappu

Anonymous said...


No dear, we all know what you are doing..... all the best.......go ahead...... just be deaf.. just don't listen to any comment.

- Pappu

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Pappu,

Am really blessed with to have net buddies like you who exactly understand and empathize with me, my unsaid words and my intentions and the cause behind the writings .

Thanks a lottttttt dear .........
Am elated

Shilpa Garg said...

Good one!! And an honest one too!! :)

PS: A suggestion, you could do away with this word verification in the comment section. Actually it is not needed!! :)

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Shipla Garg

I guess this is your first visit to my small blog. Welcome to Wisdomism.

Thanks for your time, the pat and the suggestion :).

Now, i removed the word verification.