Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Humanism !!!

Commercialisation of God
Commoditisation of Man
Customs, traditions and conventions

Priest-proud Godism

Priestocracy and dogmatic rituals
Obscurantist faith and theological orthodoxy

Authoritarian politics and absolute injustice
Crass, class-mired Materialism
Gross, greedy, grabbing riches
Cakes, Wine and Gifts
and finally
Big business free booting and vulgarity
Is that all about 'Merry Christmas' ???

Divinity of Humanity
Human dignity
Inner divinity
High morality

Compassionate humanity
Fraternal obligation and Secularism
Socio-economic justice
Gender reverence and human rights

Pro-poor egalite and empathy
Sacred, sublime, compassionate ethos

Peace, not war

Words, not swords
Love, not hate

Harmony, not jealousy

Simplicity, not ostentation

Character, not Intelligence
Wisdom, not knowledge
Socialism, not capitalism

Actions, not blogs

Neither theism nor atheism

Only agnosticism
Either Buddha or Jesus
Either Shankara or Nanak
All and every'one'
Only "Merry Humanism" !!!