Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Indian Culture

Indian Culture. What is Indian Culture? Are both Hinduism and Indian Culture same ? You may get bundles of standard hypocritical replies, customized answers as well as conventional, traditional, orthodox definitions for this magnified question. But, my question is who defines the criteria for defining the parameters, premises, horizons, mirages and boundaries of Indian Culture. Putting in a straight way , I am questioning all those self proclaimed patriots of Ram Sena and other fundamentalist organizations , who attacked few girls in a pub recently in the name of preserving, protecting and defending Indian culture and Hinduism . Yes, I am serious and a bit angry as i feel, 'enough is enough'. I request all the relevant organizations and associations to please enlighten my small innocent mind by answering the above questions .

1. Why do you put restrictions on girls following the western culture where as you and your sons follow and absorb every western stuff , from clothing to technology. Is corruption in their clothes or in your minds?
2. Who defines the morals, values and social ethics in the land of Kamasutra and Khajuraho temples?
3. How come do you expect to have a common culture in the land where you find diversity in eating habits, clothing, language, religion, traditions, customs and approach towards life ?
4. Instead of defining how girls should live in India , why don't you concentrate on eradicating social evils like Dowry, Flesh trade, Women Harassment, Girl child labour and Eve teasing and hence prove your patriotism ?
5. Is India a land which is known for embracing different cultures and traditions since ages or a land where religious minorities are being attacked to have a secure vote bank ? Have you ever heard the phrase "Religious Tolerance" ?
6. You have attacked M F Hussain for allegedly drawing naked pictures of Saraswathi and Bharatmata. How about Kalidasa who described the high pitch romance between Lord shiva and goddess Parvathi in his erotic classic "Kumarasambhavam"(meaning, creating a child) ?
7. Are you going to attack all those staunch devotees who worship goddess 'Kali' in naked form and offering her goats and liquor ?
8. How about the tribals who have a culture of marrying their cousins and grand children ? Women in certain tribes do follow the dress code which may not be digested by you. Do you want all those original ethnic Indians to leave the country?
9. Sir, will you please clean your so called Hinduism by eradicating the ever existing 'Caste system ' and 'Untouchability' ? Is not it corruption of religion?
10. Why do we Hindus need to maintain double standards regarding sexual education and opinions. Why should we perceive it as a sin and impure thing ? Is not it the historical and cultural naked fact and truth that the "Shiva ling" we worship is nothing but the union of male and female sexual organs which denotes the holiness, naturality, divineness and fertility of instinctual human sex ?
11. What is Hinduism? Which Hinduism you are talking about? Vedic religion? Shaivism? Veera shaivism ? Vaishnavism? Dwaitam? Advaitam? Vishistadvaitham? Buddhism? Jainism? Shakthi cult? Vedanta? Vasudeva cult?. Is Hinduism a religion or a way of living?
12. Am i wrong when I say that my mother India is a land where Mother Theresa is revered as Godess kaali and where Bharatratna Ustad Bismillah Khan Sahib, a pious Shi'ite Muslim, like many Indian musicians, regardless of religion, a devotee of Saraswati, has often played at Hindu temples, including the famous Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganga ? Have you ever heard "Secularism" ?
13. Should all the south Indians(read as Dravidians) reject Hinduism just because it has been tactfully and forcefully implied by the north Indians(read as Aryans) , thousands of years ago? Should all the south Indians stop celebrating Holi, Raksha bandhan and Deewali just because they have been imported from north India. Cultural conflict right?
14. Will you please concentrate on filtering out fake Babas and Gurus in ashrams who earn crores of rupees in the name of religion, devotion, charity, yoga and meditation and divert that money to eradicate poverty in the society.?
15. Instead of targeting valentines day , why don't you stop child marriages and educate the AIDS impact among commercial sex workers who struggle to get their livelihood.
16. By the way how about the two phrases of Hinduism "Vasudaivaka Kutumbam(One Universal Family)" and "Sarvejanaa Sukhinobhavanthu". Do they have any relevance in your principles and standards?
17. Last one. Will you please tell me whether beating girls in broad daylight by a patriotic mob , just because they are having their private time in a pub, is Indian Culture? How come you can force your opinions on our sisters and mothers?

Before you come with your scripted, prejudiced and biased answers to my questions, let me clear you one thing. Except the Indian constitution, no other book should define how should we live our lives or what should our sisters wear and what should they drink . We know our religion and Hinduism is in existence and evolution since ages and it can very well handle the external forces. Except a girl's parents, no one has got the right to question the morality and character of a girl . An Indian girl has the right to take her decisions, to have freedom in spending her private time and to live her life the way she wants to. All i want to assert is , ''Stop moral and cultural policing" in the name of religion and culture , and yes, I mean it. Do not try to restrict the Individuality of a girl and do let us in providing her the Liberty to progress and sustain in this society as a blossomed flower. I am not talking about Feminism here, I am asking for "Gender Equality". As an Indian, I, and everyone, do have the right to question you people the very validity and the contemporary relevance of Indian Culture and that is the true essence and soul of "Indian Culture"


Anonymous said...

Hi Mahesh,
Really a nice write up with few grammatical errors and its the same with article "Searching...". :)
I hope everyone reads this including the people whose ears are filled with wax!!

Now that you supported the youngters on their freedom, I feel your next article should be on "Limitations of excess freedom". Like we are heading towards westernisation rather than modernisation.


Anonymous said...

That is quite intresting blog.
You made us think which we are overlooking now a days becoz of hectic lives.

Thanks for the informative blog....
Good Job MAKY

waiting for few more .....!!!!

Regards ,

Anonymous said...

Good one Mahesh,
Very much convincing.


Unknown said...

hi ,

nice writeup mahesh


1) hinduism is a path to travel as muslimism,cristianism,sikhism & budism are another paths to travel but they all have same destiny called god (ram,allah,juesus etc.............)

2)Indian culture is a soul of india which wantedly or forcedly each and everyone of us follow alteast once in our life time,

Indian culture is a gift of our forfathers,If we see the past stories the people who created indian culture akbar,birbal etc........................,akbar a muslim married a hindu jhodha bhai which is a clean example that our culture never bound anyone ,Infact there r no boundaries for indian culture,& Noone have the right to define the boundaries ,bcoz its anonymous,As we all know bagwatgeeta ,quran etc...........................say that we can follow u r religion but never hurt someone in the name of religionality (or) culture, bcoz all religions are same, Men and Women are defined as two wheels of life vehicle.

In recent surveys on indian culture reveal that,people all over the world come to india,settle in india.publish books on indian culture and relay the knowledge to other parts of world, bcoz they love & respect our indian culture, but its very sad that people who born and bought up here ,define that indian culture is nothing but full of orthodox principles and traditions which we are still following after pasage of hundreds of years, People should realize the fact that,Indian culture makes india proud & pride

coming to the incident in the banglore,we have to be ashamed of such people & politicians who araise such incidents in the name of culture and god ,I feel such incidents are a part of polical hipe drama,& also a proof that some people still think that women should not move forward in this world,we have to dominate women etc..............................,but we all have to except a fact that women have already left men back long before.

people performing such idiotic incidents with the name of culture should be punished by law

Note : these r views from my heart being an indian, i love my country very much

thank u,


Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

Thanks Rupa... for your grammatical suggestions as well as topics. Yeah, I did type in a hurry. Anyways, I will be careful in next topic. Keep giving me feedback.

Thanks Pragnya... for ur time, support and encouragement.....

Thanks Srujana.... for the detailed reply and response, besides your time. Feel free to write me back, whatever you feel, on every topic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mahesh,

It's been a long time i spent some time in reading the blog, This can give you an idea how interesting your blog is, I don't know whether you believe in loving a piece of land (Unfortunately most of the people name it as country) or your fellow human being, If you follow the second concept and can find some time , Please write an article on it. (It my personal opinion, I hate people who says "I love my country or Culture....(These are the stepping stones for destruction) I do have loads and loads of respect to people who believe in loving fellow human being.


Rajveer Podduturi

Anonymous said...


I do NOT agree with what Srujana has said. Our culture was never ever created or at least developed by the Muslim rulers, he might have married Jodha bai, but for his own reasons to include rajputs territory into his. If our culture was developed by Muslim rulers or Brits, then let me remind you that they would not have taxed Hindus for growing hair or on pilgrim visits. They would neither have demolished Hindu temples nor forced people to convert their religion. If you are talking about Indian-Hindu culture then we were having universities like Nalanda and Takshashila when rest of the world was still in "OLD STONE AGE". And if you are talking about Indian culture, we are tormented at every stage and at every era. Firstly Muslim rulers, secondly Britishers and now politicians and neighboring countries. At times I feel we never got independence and it will still continue!!!

My only request with people is to know the History of our country. We should not adapt things from movies or being too bookish. I know my argument is leading to a different stream but my intention is to try to clear the false belief about our own history.

Thanks for letting me speak!!


Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

Wow! I am elated. Finally a constructive discussion in my blog. I am waiting for this moment where rational analysis and logical synthesis based on facts and truths lead to a meaningful opinions rather than irrational prejudices.

Anyways, coming to the topic in Rupa's perception, yes, i do agree that Akbar's secularism was to secure political mileage . It was a strategy to tame the mighty and royal Rajputs so that he could expand the Mughal Empire with stability. Marrying Jodha is like politicians attending the iftar parties now-a-days. A movie on Akbar will obviously show him in a positive limelight and historians do twist the facts to suit their prejudiced opinions.
Rupa, if temples demolition and Universities destruction by Muslim rulers is considered as an attack on Indian culture, what would you like to call the massacre of Buddhist monks by Hindu kings? What would you say about the conversion of Buddhist viharas as Vishnu temples ? Why buddhism had fled from India to other Asian nations? What should we call the deadly violent battles between shaiva kings and vaishnava kings where scores of temples were equalled to ground? What should we say about the forceful conversions of many tribal groups to Hinduism, Islam and Christianity? Are not these incidents reflect the attack on a culture? The truth is that Aryans were the first group who attacked India long before Muslim kings. Again the question "What is indian culture?", arises. As a matter of fact, there was never a country called India before 1947. Indeed there were roughly 500 plus princely states before independence.
I would like to say, that only Domination(in any form) is certain and obviously culture can not escape it. There never exists a thing called good culture or bad culture and religion is part of a culture.
Rajveer, I would like to give you three premises.
1. I Love my country.
2. I Love my country and I hate remaining countries
3. I Love my country and I love other countries as well.
Gurajada said, " A country is not a piece of land,but, a group of people ".
You said , " I have loads and loads of respect to people who believe in loving fellow human being. "

Putting Gurajada, you and the 3rd premise together. I love my country because I love my people and of course I love other countries as well.
I thank every one of you for your precious time and efforts on my blog.
Note: In this blog , the discussions are between opinions and not persons .So, please do not take any word personally.
"There are two type of persons...
First, who change their opinions for the sake of facts . Second, who change the facts for the sake of their opinions ".
I wish everyone is first here.

Thanks a bunch n cheers....
urs Mahesh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mahesh,

Awesome writings..really inspired me a lot. see this link about human perception


santosh said...

Hello Mahesh,

A good provoking post from you. I agree with you in all aspects but what about the things that are going in wrong way in our country in the name of development and all those stuff.

I am expecting a post from you that is related to social responsibilities, concern towards a fellow human being etc..,


Anonymous said...


Sorry for the delayed response. The thing is I made a search of Buddhist being attacked by Hindu kings, but I found most of the articles and books written by British authors which I never ever believe in. And coming to the battles between Shaivas and Vaishnavas is again the gimmicks played by the then upper class sect which I dont want to name.
The problem is within ourselves. We never raise our voice, we never come out of the shell, though we are educated and know the difference between right and wrong we stay quiet. We expect others to act and we remain numb. The other day I was reading a book called "Black Swan", one of the line says, "In History what we read is entirely different from what had happened". We read what is written and most of the times what is written need not to be true. Anyways this is a never ending topic. We cannot change History but we can change the future.
See even now we are just discussing, like what is right and what is wrong but where is the action?? Tell me one thing, in what way your blogs going to help us? Please dont mind me asking this but this is what every third person does, come up with a latest topic, discuss it, add comments, get mad at someone, make someone responsible and forget the crap. No regrets please, even I am a part of non-action group which can only puke anger and feel bad for sometime and get back to my daily chores!!

NOTE: My response is quite abrupt which starts somewhere, ends somewhere, and its similar to my brain which is also acts abrupt when think about my country and my people...sorry my people and my country!!!

Thanks guys,

Anonymous said...

హాయ్ రూప,

నిజంగానే మీరన్నట్టు మీ Reply ఎక్కడ మొదలయి ఎక్కడ అంత మయిందో మీకే తెలీదు ఈ విషయం లో నేను మీతో ఏకీబవిస్తున్నాను. ఆసలు ఆ రిప్లై ద్వారా మీరు ఎం చెప్పాలనుకున్నారో నాకయితే అర్థం కాలేదు. ఎవరికయినా అర్థం అయితే మనవి చేయగలరు.
ఇక విశయానికి వస్తే, మీరు ఈ బ్లాగ్ ఎందుకు? దీని వల్ల ఉపయోగమేమిటి? అన్న ప్రశ్న వేసినప్పుడే మీ ఆలోచన ధోరణిని కొంచెం తప్పు పట్టాల్సి ఉంటుంది. ఈ బ్లాగ్ మహేష్ తన "సొంత" అభిప్రాయాలను, సమాజం పట్ల తనకున్న "సొంత" అవగాహనను నలుగురితో చెప్పుకోడానికి రాసుకున్నాడని ఎప్పుడో చెప్పాడు మల్లీ ఈ బ్లాగ్ ఎందుకు అన్న ప్రశ్నకు తావు లేదు.
ఇక మీరు వేసిన ఇంకో అసంబద్ద ప్రశ్నకు వస్తే "but where is the action??" ఈ ప్రశ్న Mahesh కి వేసేముందు గాని లేక ఈ బ్లాగ్ చదువుతున్న వారితో వేసేముందు గాని మీకు మీరు వేసుకోవలసిన ప్రశ్న ఇది. మీరు పరిష్కారం కనుక్కోలేదు సరి కదా కనీసం ఆ దిశగా ప్రయత్నం కూడా చేయలేదు. Mahesh కనీసం తన బ్లాగ్ ద్వారా నలుగురికి చెపుతున్నాడు, అలాంటి చండాలమయిన ఆలోచన ఉన్నవారికి వారి ఆలోచనలో మార్పు తెచ్చే ప్రయత్నం చేస్తున్నాడు. నా లాగ ఆఫీసులో చైర్లకు అతుక్కుని కుర్చుని సమాజం లో ఏమి జరుగుతుందో తెలియని చవటలు చాల మంది దగ్గరికి ఈ విశయాన్ని తీసుకెళ్ళే ప్రయత్నం చేస్తున్నాడు. సరే ఈ బ్లాగ్ చదివే వాళ్ళంతా ఝండా పట్టుకుని ఉద్యమాలకు దిగాల్సిన పని లేదు, (బహుశా మీ దృష్టిలో ఇదేనేమో so called action అంటే). ఇక ముందు తమ కళ్ళ ముందు ఇలాంటి సంఘటన జరిగితే ఎదురించి అది చేతకాక పోతే అక్కడున్న నలుగురితో చెప్తే చాలు. కనీసం నేనయితే అలా చేస్తాను.
నేను చెప్పేది ఏంటంటే మహేష్ లేదా మహేష్ లాంటి వాళ్ళు తమ వంతు కృషిగా తమకు వీలయిన రీతిలో ప్రయత్నం చేస్తున్నారు దయచేసి వాళ్ళను నిరాశ పరచొద్దు. మహేష్ నిరాశ పడే మనస్తత్వం ఉన్నవాడు కాదు కాని మీలా రిప్లై రాసే వాళ్ళ కోసం నేను ఇలా రిప్లై చేయాల్సి వచ్చింది.
"but where is the action??" అన్న ప్రశ్నతో పాటే "These can be done" అని కొన్ని ఆచరణ సాధ్యమయిన సలహాలిస్తే బాగుంటుంది.


Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

Vandanam, Abhivandanam.....
Sogasaina Telugu ku Suswaagatam....

Claps, chappatlu, Claps, chappatlu, Claps.........
Today, a very special day for my blog.
Yes, I am really excited, elated, humbled and feel privileged to welcome cheerfully, one of the gracious, charming and beautiful languages in the world, my mother tongue, my dearest darling, TELUGU, to my small blog. Wisdomism really feels honoured by her quiet beauty and elegant presence.

All i can do now is to dedicate a post to this relatively perfect language in compulsive english language.

Thanks dear Eddi(for both Telugu and eddi)....

Anonymous said...

Hi Eddi,
Sorry my Telugu is really bad but I really appreciate your approach on using mother tongue.

See I never questioned anything to one particular person, its to everyone including ME. And I guess my above statements make it pretty clear. And asking Mahesh about writing blogs and all, fine he has right to express his opinion and you said that it would change the people who think narrowly, but is it reaching the right person??? Now dont come up with saying that such people would be reading the blogs :P Please..Mahesh nice write up but how many people are reading it and actually following it!! I hope you got me in a right way..
And coming to plan of action, in next five year, my husband and I are planning to start an NGO, settle down in some village and educate kids and people. We could have done that right now but we have few plannings related to personal life too.
And the main aim of NGO would to file cases against corruption and if possible bring few changes in society, of course this is a vague idea I have right now.
Up until last year I used to visit a govt. school which was adopted by company along with my friends, and educate the kids and we used to plan various activities. (This is not something self-praising, it can give you guys an idea to start-off similar thing, like educating the kids of your maid, any poor people whom you know) Education plays a vital role in our society, and if its given in a right channel then it will give moral sense to a person to think what is right and wrong, how can he build his career, and inducing this in younger ones is easier than elder ones.
And you calling yourself "chavata" thats a very common thing everyone does, feeling great about accepting the fact but not correcting one self.
And if you really dont understand on what we are arguing then let me recaptulate the things, it was with Srujana who gave wrong information about Indian History and I gave the information which I know, Mahesh again presented his opinion on few more things which I never came across.
Eddi, before you come up again with same thing that the topic has started somewhere and its ending somewhere, then let me tell you, we are questions and answering among ourselves. Till now I answered all your questions.


Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

Hi Rupa,

Thanks for your rational efforts and research on buddhism rather than just writing your prejudices. Wisdomism really appreciates your approach of frankness and transparency.
As you said, let us put a full stop to History (mysterious, obscure, uncertain) as it is not going to yield fruits , though wisdomism could provide valid and rational responses as well as resources to answer your queries on history.
We can discuss later once i start blog on history(jus kidding)

Coming to your questions(Wisdomism takes your questions on behalf of all readers)....

1. In what way your blogs are going to help us?

Wisdomism might not have created wonders. It may not start movements and revolutions. Rationally speaking, wisdomism do not have even the potential and scope to do so.

Wisdomism tries to invoke the goodness, rationality, empathy, Compassion, humanity and noble intentions in every person .
Wisdomism do questions the validity of all 'perceptions' and 'ism's in a rational and logical aspect.
Wisdomism do not prescribes, but it describes.
Wisdomism believes in "There is no one best way" .
Wisdomism may not act as a 'source' of change but it definitely acts as a 'catalyst' of change.
and finally
Wisdomism topics may not be read by the people i am targeting but it definitely tries to minimise the impact of those people on the society by questioning them in a indirect way.

2. Where is the action?

Till now, Wisdomism was hesitating to write about its imapct and actions, but thinking optimistically and practically, it may inspire other readers as well in the direction of charity and productive decisions.
I would like to provide few samples

a) The topic "Independencism " made Srikanth to channelise their team's financial resources to an orphanage in tamilnadu.
b) The topic "Sorryism" has united friends who parted ways years back just because of ego.
c) The topic "Searching..." prompted vishal to come forward to adopt two children in raniganj for few months.
d) The topic "Forced careers" impacted a Gayatri to change her career from a software job to IAS preparation.
e) The topic "Hey Ram..." inspires a young energetic "Santhosh" to start the habit of book reading .
f) The topic "Bhai tujhe salaam" inspires an intermediate student "Vikranth" to choose army as career.
e) The topic "Developmentism" invoked "Sreenivas" to start a psuedo-NGO in his company.

Wisdomism has started actions long before it started blogging. Blogging is one of it's arms. Now, wisdomism will be formally announcing herself as an org soon.

and finally,
Wisdomism may impact Rupa , ambitious and commited, to start her NGO a year earlier(I wish so). Wisdomism will be glad to be part of your noble venture to fight on corruption and imparting education.

Thanks a bunch Rupa for invoking such a topic which may inspire other readers as well to spend time and efforts in a more constructive way like you.
Please keep questioning the validity and relevance of wisdomism so that it wont get stereotyped.
You are always welcome for such rational and bold initiatives.

Thanks Eddi for your encouragement and understanding wisdomism in a rational way.


"Let noble thoughts come from all directions"------- Rig veda

Anonymous said...

For the second point -

2. Who defines the morals, values and social ethics in the land of Kamasutra and Khajuraho temples?

can you please present your view in detail?? did you read it??? If not first read it. Sex is no where related to social ethics.

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

"""can you please present your view in detail?? did you read it??? If not first read it. Sex is no where related to social ethics."""
Hi buddy...It is really a valid question.

....in the "land" of Kamasutra and Khajuraho temples.....

Here my stress is on 'Land' in relative with Kamasutra and khajuraho......
My intention is not about sex in kamasutra, but the way we(both as an individual and as society) perceive the things associated with sex in a prejudiced and biased manner. I am talking about the freedom and liberty to talk and discuss about sex. I am questioning those so called, self appointed, moral and cultural protectors of the country.

I agree with you that sex is not related with social ethics. But the 'expression of sex' is very much attached to social ethics and moral values in our country, where sex is perceived as a taboo and a sin.

Finally, every individual has got the right to have his opinions on sex(education and expressions). It is up to his discretion and conscience. We do not need someone to dictate the terms to fulfill their ends in the name of moral policing.

Now, I think it is irrelevant, to say, whether i had read kamasutra or not.
By the way, may I know your identity? As there is a possibility to think that you have posted an anonymous comment without your name, just because the topic is about sex.

Anyways, I do appreciate your bold initiative to raise the logical and rational doubt on a sensitive topic. Please keep questioning the relevance and validity of Wisdomism in all possible ways, so that I can make it a more refined and comprehensive blog. I hope i did clear your query.

mahesh kalaal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mahesh for sharing.A beautiful blog indeed.Wish you in advance a Happy Raksha bandhan.

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workhard said...

Very good post and perspective.. True how its unfair how the men are favored in certain aspects when it comes to culture ....

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Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

@ Anonymous,,

Welcome to wisdomism...
am glad that you liked it :)
Thanks for the pat and supportive words:)


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Meenakshi Sahana said...

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Meenakshi Sahana said...

Namaste Maheshgaru.. mee writing skills baga nachindi.. Very well written on Indian Culture.. They makes the readers think about it. Please keep in touch Meenakshi.sahana123@gmail.com. Please email me.