Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sasta Car-Mehenga Dal

Hey Mango Man(Aam Aadmi),

1.Why do the situation of Sasta Car-Mehenga Dal arise in the same year?
2. Why do the cost of Dal increased by folds from 34 a kg in 2004 to 90 a kg in 2009(waiting for century mark!)?
3. Why do we have 177 drought districts in the era of developing India?
4. Price rise during 2004-2008, though we had good monsoons, Rice-46%, wheat-62%, salt-42%, flour-55%.....Why?
5. Why do farmers commit suicide(1,82,936 in a decade)?

Before answering these questions, let me say few words.....

(You can quit reading the next two paras to read answers directly...)

[....... My blah blah blah words in the topic "Developmentism" were directed neither towards corporate employees nor the IT/ITES techies. My grudging anguish was towards the bias of the government in favour of people who make this system hostile to the society for their personal rise in the luxury fort of Corporate Stonewalls and political castles. But, somehow, it seems it was bit harsh for you guys. Anyway, I do feel sorry if my words did hurt you. In fact we are talking about the same point in different perspectives . That is all.

Coming to the point..... Eco friendly business, standards, environment awareness programmes and other jargon are just the camouflaged post damage measures to show off their pseudo commitment against the merciless environmental and ecological damage they have done for the numerical and polarised development of few thousands at the cost of millions of lives. Cotton bags, ban of soft drinks/MNC products, minimum usage water and power, buying Indian products..... I do agree with all these and I do support them, both in words and actions , personally. My ultimate and quaint anguish is not towards the responses after the damage, rather, towards the persons/system who's is responsible for the damage in the initial place with conscience and conviction.....]

To answer the above questions, let us travel into the world of statistics.
As per Indian budget,(2007-08)in crores...(Reference:"The Hindu")

a)Incentives to Corporates(for 2 years and few lakh corporates)

1.Loss of Income to govt due to Tax concession = 62199
2.Loss of Excise duty to govt = 87468

3.Loss of Customs duty to govt = 153593
Total = 3,03,260

If we deduct the export credit it comes over 2 lakhs crores(2,00,000 crores)
* In 2008-09 , as per budget estimates, the figure may cross over 3 lakh crores(3,00,000 crores)
* If we add other corporate subsidies on land, water and electricity it will still add some thousands of crores.

So, its more than 5,00,000 crores incentives for the Corporate world from Govt. (for 2 years 2007-09)

b) Incentives to Farmers (for many years.....)

1. Farm loan waver = 70,000 crores(for crores of farmers)

Hence, from 'a' and 'b'.....

1.The corporate world has grabbed concessions in just two years, that total more than seven times the farm loan waver. Also, the comparison is between few lakhs corporate society versus crores of suffering society.

2. It means on an average we have been feeding the rich corporate world close to 700 crore every day in these two years(2007-08, 2008-09) at the cost of survival existence of millions. Imagine what would be the total figure if we calculate since 1991 .....hmm.....Trillions???.....Baap re.

3. Ask the co called "Aam Aadmi"(Mango man) governments to spend money for the expansion of NREGS(National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, only 100 days...hmmm), Universal access to PDS(Public Distribution System-- Ration shops), Child Labour, Public Health and Education..... There is no money. But, sir, there is enough money to give away nearly 30 crore an hour to the corporate world. What shall we call this? Development??? or Persistent Inequality?

4.The number of farmers who have committed suicide in India between 1997 and 2007 now stands at a staggering 1,82,936 (excluding women farmers). Is not it more dangerous than Terrorism?

5. How come the corporate India withstood the global recession so strongly, in-spite of losing 16.7 lakhs jobs?.

6. Have you ever heard about the great trilogy artists called "Politico-Bureau-Business" nexus and guess who is the audience?. Yes, you are right, WE(The People).....Aam aadmi. The show name is LPG(Liberalisation-Privatisation-Globalisation)

7. Is responding to the consequences of mindless consumerist, commercialised and globalist corporate suicidal economic exploitation, the only option we have left with?

Finally , having 50 millionaires at the cost of above all 1,00,000 farmer suicides and millions of destitute s starving daily without basic amenities , is what we call this widening economic gap as DEVELOPMENT?

Hmmm..... I guess you got the answer(s) now.
What....Someone is saying SEZs....Party Funds.....Is it? I do not know.
May be we have two Indias, one is Corporate India and "The Other India"
By the way, do we just need answers or 'something' else , Mr Mango Man?


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***Please say 'No' to chemical Ganapathis and a big "YES" to mud/flour Ganapathis

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Friday, August 14, 2009


Cold Winters....
in hinters

waking up at 4.30 am is really sweet...
but sleeping again with a hug of thick blanket is sweeter...
The sweetest thing to happen for ever is if it is a Sunday.

Scorching hot summer......
Standing since an hour
In a City bus wait
Hungry and angry appetite

Packed, tilted bus
Foot board Hangers
but still am into bus
Its drenching sweat
but still its sweet

In between the heat
I got a window seat
Isn't its sweeter?
Oh! Yes, am luckier

In between the journey
I got the Honey
Offering my seat
to an Old man's wait
Isn't it sweetest?
Oh ! Yes, more than Honey

Romantic Rains.....

Meeting a childhood friend, after years, is elatedly sweet.....
If it happens to be a girl, it is graciously sweeter.....
And if both exchange the rings in the next rainy, then its still sweeter.....
But, the SWEETEST honey can be, if they could remain as friends forever and ever.

In all seasons....
with all reasons....

Getting a job in a MNC, as a fresher, is a giga sweet...
Being offered an onsite opportunity is a bit tera sweeter.....
But, leaving the job in search of career, passions and dreams is the Uber Sweetest byte.

My 4ever Wish.....

Having an elder sister is quite sweet......
Being gifted a bicycle by her is quaint sweeter.....
Sculpting her name on my
bicycle, with pride and love , is the sweetest....
But parting with her coz of her marriage is damn its no no...... its the HARDEST.

Chweet Secret...

Kissing a gal is curiously sweet...
If she kisses me back, its enormously sweeter...

But if her age is 3, nothing else can be deliciously Cho CHwEEeeeEETesT.