Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When you say, "I love India".
Is your love for India or yourself ?

Republic day is around the corner.
Is it the celebration of virtual Democracy or real Oligarchy?

Justice Krishna has showered his magic on Telangana.
Does any one know the difference between a state's separation, bifurcation and reorganisation ?
Anyway, what shall i call the process of claiming an existed state ?

As per congress, our national scams are either real fictions or fictional realities.
Hope, they have clarity regarding what they have achieved on 15 Aug, 1947. May be, they have been executing 'Royality' till now.

Binayak sen has been sentenced as per the law.
Is it the end of natural and social justice or dawn of  Neo-Aristo-Monarchy?

Wikileaks may be useful for many nations but not for india.
Here, it doesnt matter whether things happen in open or they get opened after happening.

When the scams spilled like crude oil,
Had they disturbed the nation or 
the nation had disturbed the scam flow?

When the candle blew off....
Had the air disturbed the candle or 
the candle smoke disturbed the air ?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Esteem - 77 Fiction

Note:- 77 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 77 words.

Since childhood, Karthik is more attached to the patriotic fervours .....

The words tricolor, anthem, slogans, martyrs, revolution, sacrifice and independence, always use to reflect in his paintings.

His painting on 1857 revolt has won him accolades from everyone in the school.

Strangely, till now, he has never attended August15 or January 26 ceremonial celebrations. 

His budding integrity and blossoming instinct makes him to strongly believe that the ONE best way to salute the tricolour is ONLY through right hand.