Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forced Careers???

What will you become when you grow up? I think this is absolutely a Universal Question from which no one in this world can escape being posed, irrespective of Religion, Region, Race, Color, Caste, Cultures, Nation, Status and Sex. Now I think all of u went back into ur platinum days of childhood which had pure, innocent, uncorrupted, unpolluted instinctual minds and brains (Have you ever wondered what is the difference between mind and brain?). And I hope u have remembered the “Answers” too. How many of us hadn’t dreamt of becoming a Sachin Tendulkar??..........That’s the beauty of childhood……….Gradually the stage comes where we strongly feel instinctual passion for certain domain and area in which we believe that we can free our energies to attain the stage of self-actualization which has nothing to do with Success and Failure concepts.It may be painting, singing, dancing, playing, writing, reading, exploring,photography, questioning, repairing, driving, gardening, cleaning, thinking, learning, traveling, acting, designing, constructing, coding, service, yoga and more verbs. But most of us don’t become what we exactly want because of societal obligations and family responsibilities.

All we do is mugging up ready made answers to win the rat race of marks scoring. We hardly learn how to Question. We hardly write our own answers. Our educational system is so sick that except making us ready to work us in corporate environment which is robbing our country openly in the name of SEZs, it has nothing to offer regarding moral, civic and social education. Politicians have nothing to do with this because this is the problem of societal mindset. Our destination is US. Our concern is US Market stability and durability. Our heart beats for for US dollar’s strength. How come we can expect a student will take H.E.C group after his tenth standard if society is expecting him to be in US? I think we should pass a law making it compulsory for every student to under go a software course at Ameerpet after his academic completion. Again I have some questions for us. Do we eat an ice-cream of someone’s favorite flavour? Do we watch movie just because someone else wants to? Do we watch cricket because most of us are watching? Do we buy clothes just because shopwaala has suggested? Do u like Rahman just because I admire him? Do we like a colour just because someone else declares it as his best colour? Do we eat biryani because it is our friend’s best dish? Do u read this blog because someone else is reading? ..... I think you don’t…….We are not slaves to others wishes.… We are the Masters of our wishes, our passions, our thoughts, our goals, our decisions.
Then why do we choose careers which are meant for someone’s passions and goals???
We pursue them just because they are lucrative, popular and affluent and of course its not a career for us, it’s a job for us (there is a difference between job an career). Yes, we do have a certain set of standard reasons (Parents, Society and Friends) for choosing so. I don’t understand why should we spend our life (Don’t spend life, live life…) in trying to achieve others goals in the guise of material accumulation. Have you ever wondered how much job satisfaction do we get from our current jobs n virtual/pseudo careers? How many Sundays we have to sleep with the feeling of running away from Mondays? How many Mondays we have to go to office with only hope of next Friday evening? I think soon we will feel this philosophy, "I code and therefore i exist".

I feel that we have always walked an extra mile just to get things done until we discover that we are miles away from everything in Life. Until then the wheels of mechanical life keep rotating to convert us into proverbial Goats. We should not live life like satellites; just revolving around others aims n goals. We are stars in our own way. We don’t want to be anybody but somebody we always wanted to be.

Everyone encourages us to grow up to the point where we can discount our own bad moods. Few encourage us to continue to the point where we can discount society’s bad moods. How can we see the wave, when we are the water?

Hoping for the time to come to free ourselves from “Forced Careers”…..!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

Perhaps, this is the most delayed topic i had ever wanted to write about. May be because of my Perception that no one else in this world can get what exactly i perceived in this movie. May be because this is the BEST TOP MOST RATED(10/10) movie till now in my life. May be because of the Reasons which i don't want to disclose , with a doubt that others may not get my reasons in a way they exactly are, rather than in a way they want my reasons to be. Anyways, i had watched this movie in Jagadamba theatre of vizag with a friend .Right from the start to till the end, Amir Khan has proved why he is called as a thinking and intelligent film maker. And who can forget that smart and cute kid who was apt for the role of Ishanth........Now as usual, You may say, ''Mahesh, Chill !!!...... we already know this and had read about this movie and actors umpteenth number of times through different sources ". You may even ask me, "Mahesh, Whats the fuss all about your much hyped words like 'Perception', 'Reasons' , blah blah blah..........". Yeah, you are right again.
But what makes me so much attached and moving in this movie may clear your logic. When the movie finished i went to beach in vizag with burdened feelings and emotions which were first of their kind in my life till that moment.Sipping my favourite coffee and embracing the beauty and serenity of sea waves which signalled their eagerness to share my feelings, i went into a deep, rationalistic and intensified pensive mood which ignited my thought process to a simple , yet significant, Question ...............

"What if the boy never met Aamir khan in his life "???

..........This lead to some more subordinate questions like 1. What might this so called self-proclaimed perfect society label him for his inability to score marks and ranks?? 2. Which forced career he might be following to compete in the present direction-less rat race ?? 3. How much creativity might have vanished in his imaginations in the process of accumulation of goods of Consumerism and Materialism 4.How much pain and anguish he might have digested to satisfy the societal expectations and peer pressure. 5. How much courage he might be lacking to face the bias and prejudice by his Parents and Friends?? ........... And many similar consequential questions had evolved in my mind leading to another set of Questions...........1. How many people around us in our daily life are facing similar problems?? 2. How many of such people are in desperate search of Aamir khans to empathise with them?? 3. How many people are being humiliated and embarrassed by our technical and affluent superiority complex?? ............. Though i have many questions in my mind, finally i feel one thing .

"Sometimes there are only good Questions, no good answers".

Care, Support, Rapport, Understanding, Humbleness, Compatibility, Empathy, Concern, Modesty, Perception etc etc...........Though everyone knows these words and their impact, we hardly use them for others because we are either
egoistic or egotistic, rather we expect others to follow these words for us.

"Tujhe sab kuch patha hai na Maa.......meri Maa"

Taare Dilon Mein........ Perhaps !!!

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