Monday, June 3, 2013

Straight Nose

They came across from Central Asia...
Carrying rituals and sacrifices , and 
Badge of Language
Badge of Chants
Badge of Thread
Badge of Purity

They conquered and converted 
The dark and brown plains of India
with stories and Literature 
Badge of Language

They controlled and commanded 
The tribes and sects of India
with multi theism and mythology
Badge of Chants

They divided and segregated 
The works and classes
with divine texts and sacred rules
Badge of Thread

They isolated and marked 
The wells and temples
with tradition and sanctity
Badge of Purity

They have darkened our culture
They have darkened our dark skin
They have darkened our identity

We have accepted them
As Hosts and Brothers
But they still think we are a liability 


PS : Written for 3WW, with words Badge, Darken and Liability

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