Sunday, December 27, 2009

Karma?-55 Fiction

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


She has got no other choice, besides her age is an added advantage for the involuntary profession she is into , since months. She is feeding herself by letting herself into the changing hands,  daily, on a contract basis. Her name never mattered as it keeps changing. She is a born child labour, hardly 3 months old.

PS: Child Begging in India is both a Scam and a Reality

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

All in a Day's Work

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Note:- 99 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of ninety-nine words.

" The physiological erosion of human body notwithstanding, i am expected to perform at peak, at all times of the day and night (when the temperature is often lower than minus 30 degrees Celsius) for a span of 18 months. Yet, indeed, i fully measure up to that challenge, always. My smile, pride and commitment  does not wane despite the crushing psychological stress of remaining self-motivated and the inevitable debilitation to my genetically inherited physical prowess. It is all in a day's work, every day. I wake up so that others can sleep peacefully. Anyway, I am an Indian soldier at Siachin "

PS : Siachin glacier's region is the highest battleground on earth, where India and Pakistan have fought intermittently since April 1984. To read more on Siachin, click

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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Note : Please watch the above videos before you conclude something.

* This topic is a tribute to "Srikanth 'who became a 'martyr' for Telangaana

*** Nenu Saitam Prapanchaagniki Samidhanokkati Aahuticchaanu 

*** First Victory of Telangaana over Injustice and Exploitation

The water is flowing in Krishna. Kondapur is deserted. It usually is, in the month of May. This village in Mahbubnagar(Palamooru) district of Telangana falls in the belt known for some of the highest levels of migration in south India each year. Countless households lie locked up. Just three years ago, there were 40 to 45 bus services a week to Mumbai from Mahbubnagar(Palamooru) district. This year the number is down to 28(Thanks to NREGA programme). For the farmers , the bus to Mumbai is their route to survival . A hope of work and income for 1/3 rd of the population(nearly 10 lakhs) in this district. Shall I call this DEVELOPMENT ??

"Krishna river enters into Andhra Pradesh through Mahbubnagar (Palamooru) district of Telangaana".

This is what i used to read in my Geography lessons in school days. But i used to wonder why I was standing in a big Que for 2 hours near a water tanker , daily. Where all the river water is going? Why cant we access it? Is not the river ours too? The water is flowing in Krishna.  Is the Geography wrong? Is it printing mistake or, Someone  else's deliberate, planned, cunning mistake for their selfish/greedy ends? More questions used to pop out of my mind whenever i saw the dry fields in the villages. More naked truths came in front of me, shamelessly. The Mahabubnagar(Palamooru) labour is popular all over India, particularly in Mumbai.   Software is not the only thing A.P. exports. Nor hi-tech brains to the United States. Misery-driven migrations, hunger, and distress are among its other major products.

The water is flowing in Krishna....but still we have deep debts, starving children, terrible distress , devastated fields, dry tanks and dead streams,  burning lives, soul-breaking slums, evaporating hopes and the questions of survival. When the mild HCL keeps touching  the walls of stomach ruthlessly thrice a day, how come we can fight against injustice and inequality. Whom shall we approach? How shall we approach ? We heard many promises from many leaders ,right from Nehru to KCR.  It is been 60 years after independence, but still the water is flowing in Krishna, for someone else.

The water is flowing in Krishna. Soon i had realized that the unreported, regular, constant, isolated, neglected, happening farmer suicides is quite common to all the 10 districts of Telangana, in-spite of two major rivers, Godavari and Krishna , flow through the Telangaana.
 Nagarjuna Sagar Dam(Nalgonda) could not solve the problem of Fluorosis in Nalgonda, but water from the dam is being pipelined to Hyderabad. WHY and for whom?
Manjeera river (Medak) water is not used for Agriculture in Medak,  but the same water is diverted to Hyderabad for drinking. WHY and for whom?
The story of discrimination/exploitation/injustice/looting is the identity of Telangana now. Where all the water is going? Why Telangaana is backward in-spite of huge natural resources (Rivers, soils, forests, minerals, lakes). 
The truth is that the fate of Telangaana is same everywhere, since decades, since centuries.
Who is responsible for this plundering, Injustice and Exploitation?
Who is looting us in the name of one state(AP)?
What is the solution? 
Naxalism ?
Separate state?
Before i could say yes ,,,,,,

Suddenly, someone asked me few questions from the green paddy fields of Coastal Andhra.

1. If The water is flowing in Krishna ,  then, why Telangaana?
Because, in the same state of Andhra Pradhesh

someone sucks the water from our dams...
someone sucks the blood from our arteries...
but when we drill for ground water, we get debts, instead of water.
someone have 3 crops in a year....
we have 3 migrations in a year....

someone uses pesticides for their commercial crops
 we use pesticides to drink and say bye bye

someone have excess food grains ...
We have excess suicides...

someone learns the route to USA
We learn the route to Mumbai

someone have water round the clock....
We don't have water to drink even if the water keeps evaporating from our tired bodies.

someone speak the language of domination...
We hear the language of humiliation ...

someone have stolen our jobs, shamelessly, cunningly, ruthlessly...
And gave us insults on our language and culture, in return...

someone have media and government in their hands....
we have route map of Mumbai and Dubai in our hands....

  Finally, if we can have water, we can have crops. If crops, then we can have money. If money, then we can have power. Yes, Power, to rule ourselves, to have identity and self respect.... to free ourselves from discrimination/exploitation/injustice/looting.....Hence, that's why we need Telangaana.

 2 .We should have only one state for all Telugu speaking people.
If we can have more than 3 states for Hindi speaking people why not for Telugu?

 Moreover, you always say that the Telangaana language is impure Telugu , right? You hate our festivals, dialect and culture. Then why do you need us?? Ohhhhoooo... k k k k....acha.....your wicked concern is all about the mighty capital, our Hyderabad. I Got it now. You Andhra leaders na, always cunning.

3. Yes, you telangaanites  speak impure Telugu. 
In the 23 districts of AP , each district has got different slang/dialect. On what basis and criteria you say that one slang is pure/impure. Just because people from one district entered the print/electronic media first and used their language, does it become pure?

For your kind information, Telangaana literally means "land of telugus". The word Telugu originated from Trilinga, Telunga,  Telinga, Telangana and Tenunga. (Refer :
 Now tell me, Is Telangaana telugu impure?

4. It is meaningless to divide India into small states.
Then why did the Andhra (not AP) got separated from Chennai state in 1953? Isnt it double standards? 
USA  have 50 states . Many nations in Europe are smaller than Telangaana.
70% states in India are much smaller than Telangaana. Then why the fuss?
Why do not you see it as an administrative convenience?

5. Telangana state will become like Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh? 
    Telangana state will become like Punjab and Haryana.
By the way, Telangana has already become a Jharkand/Chattisgarh by staying in United AP since 50 years

6. Do you think you will get developed by getting separate Telangaana?

 Development ???? Nice joke dude. Let us think about our survival first. Then we will plan how to stop water in our dams , how to get our jobs back from you, how to preserve our language and culture,  how to utilize our natural resources etc.  Of course, the corruption and politics will be there as usual. Telangaana is to stop Andhra leaders from looting us and allowing the Telangaana leaders to loot us.
Anyway, being an independent state , Telangana will get minimum constitutional safeguards in all sectors.

7. Then, will you kick us from Hyderabad?
Dont worry dude. We are not as selfish and cunning . It is just a states reorganization, not country's division. Anyone, irrespective of his state, can live here happily. (Many Marathis and Gujarathis have been living in Hyderabad since Nizam's rule). You are most welcome to stay until and unless you think to rule and dominate us.

8. No, we wont accept ...... Hyderabad is ours.

 @#+_$%*&_*%^+)_#%:"{_/''}]]^~}[^*(*&%^*(#$_..........Got it ?????

Dude, please don't test our patience. We do have limits to our tolerance
400 year old Hyderabad had been built by our taxes and labour.
Have some shame to claim it. Moreover it is located in the center of Telangaana, geographically. Use some minimum sense. No one is asking anyone to leave the capital. In india we have single citizenship which gives you the right to live anywhere. Hyderabad can  still be yours, even after the formation of telangana depending on the number of years you stay here(please read:Mulki Rules)

9. It is ridiculous to divide "TeluguThalli "....
Where was Teluguthalli when Gentlemen's agreement/Mulki Rules/610 GO/SRC Recommendation were violated completely ? 
Where was Teluguthalli when you had started Jai Andhra in 1972 just because  Supreme Court ordered AP to implement Mulki Rules?

Our Telugu text books have lessons on "Atlathadde"  but the Telangaana festivals like "Bathukamma" and "Sammakka-sarakka" are nowhere mentioned in our syllabus. Why?
Are we not sons of Teluguthalli? 
If Bharatmata(nationalism) and Teluguthalli (sub nationalism) can coexist, why cannot Telanganathalli(subnationalism) coexist with the other two mothers.

10. What shall andhra farmers do if you stop all water ?
No state in India can stop a river water completely, as there is an Inter state river tribunal  which regulates the river water sharing among different states.
Also, whenever a new state forms, there will be a commission to decide the sharing of Resources/Revenue/Jobs/Water/.

BTW, even the Telangana state has not yet formed, you Andhra leaders have already started worrying about water, jobs, resources etc, Just imagine the plight of Telangana who's resources have been exploited by you since 50 years........... ??

Anyways, the water is flowing in Krishna. There are often over 100 passengers on those 58-seat buses. Which means some people are standing for much of that 18-hour journey. And then there are the huge numbers from this district heading for Hyderabad. Also, to at least 30 other destinations ranging from Gujarat to Rajasthan, even Orissa.
What accounts for this desperate out-migration?
"Without Mumbai and Pune, we cannot survive,

Until we get our water, to drink at-least, if not for cropping, the route to Mumbai will be our lifeline. ......

 My heart roars, thumping my fist into the air, with equal anguish and pride, on behalf of all the  farmers, students and martyrs of Telangaana..
"Jai Telangaana, Jai Jai Telangaana"..... 
"Naa Telangaana Koti Ratanaala Veena"....
" Nenu Saitham, Nenu Saitham....."

BTW, the water is flowing in Godavari too, which enters Andhra Pradesh through Adilabad district of Telangaana".... and the same story of discrimination/exploitation/injustice/looting continues there too.

JAI HIND .....

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PS :(Facts)

1.Out of the 28 states and 7 UTs currently in India , 70% are smaller than Telangana. Telangana’s  population is 30 million plus. There are 25 states that are smaller than Telangana in population.
2. Mahbubnagar(my native place,100 km from Hyderabad) is the worst district in terms of literacy, because the mass migrations destroy any chance of education for the children who accompany their parents for months at a time.
3. The rivers of Krishna and Godavari flow through Telangana, and the dams are in Telangana, but the canals carrying the water go to Coastal Andhra
4. Except for common language, the people of Andhra and Telangana have different dialects, histories, cultural systems, different food habits
5.When Telangana was liberated(sep 17 1948) from the Nizam of Hyderabad, it was an independent state in the Union of India until 1956.
6.The uniqueness about Andhra pradesh is that it was formed by the combination of two states (Hyderabad and Andhra). Andhra was formed in 1953. Hyderabad was an independent state from 1948 to 1956. AP was formed on the promises of 1956 Gentleman's agreement . We are asking our state back.
7.# Godavari
-->flows 79% in Telangana and 21% in Andhra
--> 70% cultivable land is in Telangaana under Godavari waters
We hardly get 20% of water out of 1480 TMCs
What about the remaining 50 % of our share??

# Krishna
--> flows 68.5% in Telangana
18.39% in rayalaseema
13.11% in andhra
--> 65% cultivable land is in Telangaana under Krishna waters
--> Telangana gets only 65 TMCs out of 595 TMCs out of Krishna based projects
which is just 10%,
Rayalaseems gets 14.6 %
Ramaining 75 % goes to Andhra
Is it fair? isnt it injustice?
What about the remaining water since decades??
--> Mahabubnagar gets 25% of Krishna water, but why did it still remains most backward district with regular drought and famines? 

8. Please read the following topics before you conclude and comment on Telangaana so that we can have rational and meaningful discussion. 
1. Telangana @
2. SRC Report @
3. Gentlemen's Agreement @
4. Mulki Rules
5. 610 GO
1969 Jai Telangana Movement
7. 1972 Jai Andhra Movement