Friday, November 27, 2009

He is still standing

1. This post is to explain the reason behind writing the topic              "My New Friend"
2. This post is dry and boring . So please bear with it.    Thanks for your time.

He is still standing. His gesture is imperceptible, unobservable, uncountable but he is standing with a clarity of thought . He is having a train of thoughts running on the tracks of tough-truths passing through the stations of Uncertainty and Expectations to reach the destination of Self-actualization. He is standing in an isolated corner of a crowded gathering. He is not alone but feeling lonely. Its not because of Failure or Depression. It is because of his consciousness that compulsions, obligations and circumstances keep him busy in executing his Brain's threads. He is neither complaining nor blaming. He is still standing. He is just looking around for that supportive shoulder, for a few seconds at least , to lean on and sigh, if not ventilate. He wants to move to take the happiness he finds in those small events and incidents , which may seem insignificant to others, but he cannot move.

He is still standing. He is just thinking about the race of rainbow he had dreamed. He started off it very well and indeed he was one of the front runners. He might not had the assurance of success then but he has got the right means and tracks to explore the potentiality, possibility and probability of worldly Success. But, suddenly he stopped running the race in between, for the reason, which is known only to him. He is just standing beside the race tracks. He is being surpassed and humiliated by everyone and within no time he realised that he is seeing them at the horizon. Then started the brickbats from the social pressure. But, he is still standing. His legs are asking him, daily, to take the run. He is dumb to the questions of his legs. He is still standing witnessing the sunrises and sunsets , daily, with a hope of a tiny slice of rainbow at least. The success obsessed society started the blame game with more intensity and it was quite obvious. He is listening to them but he is still standing in searching of the options to bear the humiliation and insult . He knows the reasons very well for his standing . He is helpless. How come he can answer to society's rational, logical , genuine and concerned questions where he is unable to answer his own legs. He has to be silent bearing all the mounted pressure on his shoulders and without complaining because of the fact that one cannot ask others to show care, concern, affection and love. They should blossom, unplanned. Emotional feelings are not verbs to manipulate but they are adjectives to erupt naturally. He stopped expecting care, concern, affection and love from others long back and he is searching desperately and deliberately for those 4 things within him, bearing the bags of unheard feelings and emotions, because he hates animated and wooden expressions of concern and care.

He still stands there. He even cannot respond to some genuine responses from others and in return he has to bear their ego lashes. His list of tags kept on growing. He is still silent and emotionless though his heart says that, " I am saturated, enough, i just cant hold this volcano of emotions. I need a channel to flush them out". He is still standing. His heart questioned him , " Why do u suffer so much for the things u were not responsible consciously ". Then his emotional and psychological vibrations gave his heart the answer that he has got a rational reason for why he is standing there. His heart and legs are supporting him by saying that they are ready to fight against everything except for the reason he has said. He is not bothered about the image but the way he is standing. He knows very well that his contenders are he and himself. He is competing with himself but certain things should happen at the right time. He wants to evolve to the maximum. He wants to broaden his wavelength of perception. He hasn't still got the command on Wisdom, but he still craves for realisation. It is not that he is sad but he is not happy , in spite of pleasures and comforts. Anyways, he is still standing, not for sympathy, but for solution.

Now, he has to run a race meant for someone else where neither his legs nor his heart are interested but his stomach is. May be its a matter of self respect as a human being that is making him to prepare for the new race. He has got only one feel good factor that at least he knows what is happening with and within him. Sometimes he feels that he is abandoned and dejected but the issue is so complex and obscure that even the best perceptions and empathy may not give their compassion to him. He has been offered many promises and assurances by many persons that they are ready to catch him if he falls. But they remained just promises of words and few raised the eyebrows instead . Anyways, its all about bearing the pain without showing and complaining, and, he is habituated to that. May be this is a part of evolution of life. He is learning to adopt and adapt to the new race with a pinch of new perceptions and flavours. But, in search of a shoulder......... he is still standing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bhai, Tujhe Salaam !!!

Once the genie of rat race was out of the bottle , you marched  to the beat of someone else's drum. If you had not kept pace with your companions , perhaps it was because you heard a different drummer. Might be you felt that its important to be clear headed and good hearted. You could not catch your boat the first time. So did many but they had not a minute to waste for the next boat. They hopped on to just any and every boat they could, telling you, time and tide waited for none. You said " I will cross the bridge when I come to it". You wanted to let your thoughts in this precious present stay , reflecting the universe, deep and vast. You left the winter comfort of bed and precious early morning nap, hopped out of the house, gulped down lots of spirit, deserted your dear and near ones, with only one future confession " Don't blame me, I tried". I don't know whether it was your conscious professional decision. You laid to rest all your angst regarding the society .You know that you are the least paid in the country . You had not made tall claims, but you wanted space to work with dedication and contribute towards fulfilling your social goals. Your heart was enshrouded by 3 colours .It stands for the passion that fuels every move you make. Donning multiple hats comes easy for you.You are back from self imposed sabbatical. You forgot your religion. You didn't choose to have troubles, but you chose to fight. Once you decided to rise to the challenge, everything simply fell into place. You did it earlier, many a times.

You went there to stop the fire, lit by a few short sighted and self seeking religious fundamentalists and extremists , since decades, that had turned into a major conflagration that was threatening to spread far and wide all over the country. Hell is , you know, that the end of your life is near and you haven't used your talents and resources to your best abilities to make a difference in the life of a needy personHeaven is, you know, you are aware of your approaching death, but are still fearless of it because you know that you have done your best to make a difference .

 You don't know false promises, you are far away from ismsYou finished a brave war game and we started the ridiculous blame game. We saluted you ...... we praised your heroic accomplishment ...... we listened patriotic songs ...... we wrote articles, editorials and blogs ..... we had group discussions and analysis at our dining tables and coffee joints......we said blah blah blah about politics, society, corruption, religion, media, terrorism, pakistan, this ,that, every hell topic ..... but we never encourage ourselves, our kids, brothers and friends to join your duties ...... We are IT, we are into IT, we are just IT.....  we are quite safe watching you in our TV ...... we are just armchair critics. Before you knew the embarrassing fact that you are fighting for the people who are such a hypocrites, fate conspired to give you another chance to fulfill your dream. Your childhood paper boat signaled, "Come, its time to go". Every breath you take, you felt, is a gift from God. But he takes it out too . You thought you are going to die and about to reach your heaven, but you still live in a billion hearts , forever, as a hero

The enchanting castle filled with love, care, ardor, concern, affection, fondness, warmth, fervidness, elan and tenderness showered by your mom and motherland , since you born, was being shattered by a single fanatic gunshot. I know it was not your compulsion, it was your determination. You might be insignificant to us when you lived, but you are much significant when you died for a self-less purpose. I bow thousand times before your dauntless and audacious sacrifice of your honest life for the sake of our nation.
BhaiTujhe Salaam

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sorry  … I did almost spent 15 minutes on thinking how to start my sarcastic and satirical anguish towards this so called self proclaimed sympathetic and empathetic five letter word in English which has the capability of rebinding any relation in this world and has been hijacked by the corporate culture. This word has been percolated in our daily life so much so that we are using it on par with its sibling word “Thanks”…… Literally it’s a good sign of Humanity that shows our concern towards our fellow beings. Then again its your turn to ask, “Mahesh, what’s your problem?”. You are right as usual. I have a problem, but not with the word ‘sorry’ , but with the the way people saying sorry. If you analyse properly, when we are not punctual we say “sorry”…… when we don’t greet on someone’s birthday, we say ‘sorry’…… when we don’t call our dear ones at stipulated time, we say ‘sorry’………….when we cant get what the other person said, we promptly say ‘sorry’……… when we sneeze in public, we say humbly ‘sorry’…….when someone asks you something and you don’t know, we reply ‘sorry’ ……….when we hear someone’s death , we say formal ‘sorry’……….whenever something blah blah happens, we blah blah ‘sorry’……….. Wow! What a culture and concern. We are improving and evolving day by day as human beings. Really do we? No, we aren’t 

Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had humiliated someone just because he couldn't converse in English? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had looked down upon someone who is very much rural? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had thrown water on someone’s only hopes? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had underestimated someone just because he was yet to get the so called posh, bubbled, pompous, decorated corporate job which we got earlier? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had misguided deliberately someone so that he should not surpass us in this wicked competitive world? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had cunningly avoided someone who wanted us to share our over-rated technical skills? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we made someone to feel inferior through our superior attitudinal gestures? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we hardly cared for someone who is desperate to share his grievances with you? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had shown bias and prejudice towards someone who is physically unattractive? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had exploited someone's honesty, sincerity and innocence? ...  Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we had shattered someone’s confidence levels so much so that he went into depression in-spite of knowing that once we were in the same position of someone? Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when our harsh words and pierced into someone's heart?. Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when our superiority complex dominated the introvert's territory? Finally, Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ even after realising that we had made a mistake/blunder ? Is it Ego ? or Self respect?
Yes, we are improving and evolving day by day as Arrogant, Attitudinal, Self-centered, Egoistic human beings who are busy in winning the rat race of corporate Consumerism. We are simply tagged and branded. Most of the times, the brand image and tags speak more than the words from human heart.

I am grudging so much because our timely and whole hearted sorry could have stopped someone in a malady of depression from attempting SUICIDE. Its true…… we are habituated to plastic sorry, we need smile sorry, we project corporate sorry, we display casual sorry, we carry ready-made sorry, but we forgot the true essence n feel of Sorry…………..Think once ……How human-full it will be if our timely words and gestures towards someone may make him to feel concerned and may make him to think twice before he takes some extreme step.
We are not saying sorry where it matters the most. Of course all we need is a sincere and compassionate SORRY………………….. Where is such sorry? Do we have such sorry? If you have such sorry then answer the below question.

" Why didn't we say ‘sorry’ when we hardly thought about donating towards recent flood victims?"

Now its up to you to choose which type of sorry you want to say……

I hope we will stop polluting and corrupting the gentle word Sorry.I want to say sorry to the word ‘sorry’ for obvious reasons.

Sorry "SORRY"…….!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Perception. It is one of the words which left an indelible impact on Karthik's thinking. Whenever Karthik comes closer to nature and its diversified diversity, he penetrates into the deeper layers of Perceptions. One rainy day, Karthik was in a train journey, sitting near the window and embracing the grace and elegance of the monsoon rain , sipping hot coffee. He bought a guava from a fruit vendor within the train without bargaining. The romantic responses, of all those things under the sky, to the dusky rain and the fragrant aroma of the rain have stirred up Karthik's thought process ............. He thought pleasantly, " Is the Guava in my hand a truth or a perception? ". Is perception a Reality ?

How can I say truth depends on perception? A Guava is a Guava which looks like a Guava and tastes like a Guava .

It seems an absolute truth. But a Guava is not a Guava for a worm inside it because it can’t look at it, and how do we know how a Guava tastes to a worm. Now, is a Guava a perception?. May be, a Guava is relative truth and relative perception. Fact is what happened, Truth is the way it’s perceived and Real is its effect. Emotional planes differ from physical urges. His stomach says that it is a guava, but his mind says dat it is a perception. The Guava, the worm and the rain gave him the above analysis.

When we are born we all pretty much think that we are the centre of the universe because of the attention everyone gives us. In time we slowly realize that we are just one among millions and kind of adapt to our designated place in society and revolve along with the world. All of us pretty much know everything by instinct and from then on the whole process of acquiring wisdom in life is nothing but unlearning the learning thrust upon us by society, religion etc. Destiny is not a chance but it has to be by choice. If something has to be achieved it should not be waited for. All our lives we just struggle between what we want to do and what we have to do. Most of us choose just to ‘be’ rather than to ‘become’.

The simple solution for this is to do things only what we want to do and not compromise on that for anybody’s sake and also truly understand why you should not feel guilty about it. It’s only knowledge which comes from an outside source and not intelligence. Yes, Knowledge can be transferred, but not wisdom. Knowledge is pretty much out there available for anyone passionate enough to desire it. It is an irrational fear that if we get into lofty objectives like trying to revolutionize societal mindset, the society may revolutionize us. We should never let go of the instinctive intelligence and the animalistic joys of a child. Birds make a nest. Humans make a house. Thousands of years later, bird still makes a nest. Humans make Burz-e-Dubai. Is it Knowledge or Intelligence? Birds and animals get born, reproduce and die. Humans get born, study, do a job, get married, reproduce, take care of their children and die. Except for a few who stand alone and 'create'.

Now, the question arises in your mind, what guava and the worm inside it has to do with all the above heavy sentences of life, knowledge, intelligence, destiny and blah blah blah? It is quite simple. Try to eat a guava, not with hungry, but with mind. If not Guava, you can try an apple or a pizza. Anyways, his question is, have you ever thought what is the difference between Knowledge, Intelligence, Genius and Wisdom???
Hungry kya??? Menu please??
For the world the above stuff may sound pretty crap, may sound like a truth, may sound like innocence, may sound like knowledge, may sound boring, may sound like wisdom, may sound like just a blog, even, may not sound at all. Because, it is just a mere perception, Karthik's Perception.

PS : Inspired from the movie 'Matrix'

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Friend

Hey! Its a pretty good time as i have a great news for Me, though its not a party time. Yes, of course and obvious, only for Me. I have decided to update my blog as frequently as possible because i got a special reason and purpose to express more on wide range of topics. May be this is one of the best things happened in my Life till now. Nope, its not a book. Its a Person i met recently. Thanks to Orkut once again. When i started this blog, i didn't expect that i will come across such a Friend so soon. I am pleasantly surprised. Yes, finally, its all about a Friend who eagerly and desperately waits for my blog updates .......... who understands my views, opinions, intentions, sensing and perceptions in the right and accurate way .......... who really bothers to know why the hell i write this crapped blog ........ who advices me in improving my writing skills through unbiased and constructive feedback .......... who constantly keeps me motivating whenever i feel low .......... who gives me umpteen number of reasons why i can be glad even at my worst level .......... who doubles my priceless hopes with optimistic strategies ......... who acts as a catalyst in accelerating my enthusiasm and exuberance ......... who even laughs at my jokes ......... who empathises with my situations, circumstances and obligations ......... who spends some quality time in listening to my tribulations ........ who knows the logic behind my rational and emotional decisions i made ....... who pats me on my shoulder for my small, tiny and minute achievements .......... who is always ready to lend his hand at least morally, if not materially ......... who can accompany me while confronting more Tough-Truths with aplomb in due course of my life ........ who shares my Irani chai daily ....... who knows very well why i madly admire A R Rahman and Sachin ..... who knows why i became an Agnostic ...... and finally who responds to my responses. I am lucky enough that we have similar interests, passions and aims in Life. Our lives almost travel parallel on the same track and i hope we wont intersect at the coming stations of Life. I think from now onwards I should stop facing the life and start flowing with the Life. I am at the loss of the words to explain about my Friend, not because he is great, but he is a dud and achieved nothing till now. But he still tries to install a pinch of rainbow to my Life through his Questions. In fact literally there is nothing to boast about him. I think even two words are too many for this Tag-less guy. All i can reveal is his identity ........ His name is "Mahesh"..., Yeah! that's Me, " My New Friend."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Compulsion - 55 Fiction

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


Shabana is  anxiously waiting for her 12 year old daughter Ameena, since 3 hours. It is already 10 pm.
When Ameena came, Shabana asked her worriedly,      " Why so late today?" .     
Ameena smiled and gave her 300 rupees.
Shabana asked her suspiciously, " How come you got more money today? ". 
Ameena said, innocently, "Today, I sold Samosa at Children's Film Festival "

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I were a baby again.

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Searching. This word may remind us Google or a job search . But, for Karthik it differs, impacts, deviates and do matters a lot in many ways. In fact , searching is an essential part of his life, though he doesn't know the spelling yet. May be its a compulsive compulsion for him. Anyways, coming to his life, Karthik has got a best friend, and of course, only friend, namely Saketh. Both, Saketh and Karthik stay together, eat together, play together and sleep together, may be, because both live in the same orphanage, in the same room, by the grace of destiny. Karthik enjoys saketh's company a lot. Karthik feels himself in saketh's presence. He feels gifted and he always thanks god for having Saketh in his life.They have similar interests and passions. They both love cricket and grown up idolising Sachin. They encourage each other and love each other a lot. Incidentally, both share their birthdays on the same day, April 24. They cant imagine life without each other. Karthik loves Saketh more than himself. Coming to Saketh, most of the times he remains silent in deep thoughts which makes Karthik to raise the doubt, " What does Saketh think always???". This question keeps on haunting Karthik , and unknowingly , he feels insecure too. Many a times Karthik asked saketh . "What do u always think , Saketh?", but Saketh never answered and instead he still remained silent. Sometimes, Saketh's silence makes Karthik scared, irritated, annoyed and frustrated .

Gradually, Karthik is habituated to saketh's silence . But,Karthik use to convince himself by guessing what Saketh thinks always, by questions like ........  What makes Saketh to go into silent thinking? ....... Does Saketh miss the essence of his mother? .......... Does Saketh think how his mother looks like? .......... Does Saketh try to visualize his mother's looks, smile and attire? ......... Does Saketh miss those warm hugs, lovely kisses, love laps, tender spoon feeds, affectionate looks and caring pats. ? ............ Does Saketh try to imagine how cheerfully his birthday could have been celebrated if his mom is with him? ..... Does Saketh get the doubt whether his mom is alive or not? ....... Does Saketh miss those mischievous and childish acts which can be cherished only by his mom.?........ Does Saketh miss the fun and frolic of being with his mom, always? ......... Does Saketh try to question why his mom left him in a dustbin? .......... Does Saketh think that his mom left him because he is weak and having ugly looks? ......... Does Saketh think, like, "Will my mom ever come back"? .......... Does Saketh feel lonely though he is not alone ? .......... Does Saketh miss his father?.......... Does Saketh miss his brothers and sisters ? ......... Does Saketh miss the golden privilege and exclusiveness of being pampered by his mom? ......... Does Saketh miss those cute, sweet adjectives his mom could have used to describe him? ......... Does Saketh miss the pride feeling of his mom for having him as her son? .......... Does Saketh think whether his mom also feels the same way , somewhere in the world? ............ Does Saketh want to shout and cry for the treatment he gets from the so called civilized society? ............... Does Saketh want freedom from the pain of dejection and isolation? .............. Does Saketh really get these questions? and finally , does Saketh feel that i have too many questions to ask? ..... and so on.

Karthik, though he is much young for his age to analyse other's thoughts, gets these questions almost everyday, whenever he observes saketh's pensive silence. It is not a surprise because whatever the questions he has imagined and asked are actually his questions and his feelings about his mom, and not saketh's. He always lives with that anxiety and enthusiasm whether Saketh too gets such similar thoughts and questions, because Saketh is also an orphan like him .In fact, Karthik expects from saketh to ask him those questions . Karthik wants to share everything about his questions with SakethKarthik is very eager and desperate to get listened by his best friend, Saketh. Karthik feels that they both has got good rapport and understanding. Karthik wants to cry whole heartedly to relieve his emotional pain of missing his mom, by hugging his best friend. Though, they have similar wavelengths, frequencies, backgrounds and being best friends, Karthik feels helpless and frustrated, because he knows very well that though Saketh can listen , he wont respond to his feelings and emotions. Its not because Saketh is a silent boy, but, for the reason that Saketh cannot speak. In fact , he never spoke to Karthik till now , and forever he wont, because Saketh don't have life in him. To put it simple,  Saketh is just Karthik's childhood doll donated by some good hearted person on his 3rd birthday. Though he can speak whatever he wants to, with his doll , he feels more painful when he don't get responses from saketh when he is ventilating out his precious, valuable and deeply felt emotional outburst of his life. He is not blaming the doll, nor his mom and nor the society. But, his tiny, tender, little, young, blossoming heart cant bear such emotional volcano for more time. All he has got is compulsive patience and he can, and he will, wait for the right person who can really listen to get his feelings exactly in the right way. He don't have solutions, he has got Questions , more Questions and only Questions.  He is not talking about responsibilities , he wants empathetic natural stimulus. He don't have a choice right now.  Karthik needs compassion , not sympathy. I think being an orphan he is expecting more from this wicked society. This world needs him only to make movies like slumdog millionaire or writing some stories, articles and blogs ..... Sometimes I feel there are only good questions, no good answers. In fact, if he is given a chance to become a baby again, he just wants someone to listen to his Questions. Probably he may get more questions if someone starts listening.  Anyways, till then Karthik , along with his best friend Saketh, will be in his unavoidable, regular and compulsive process of compulsive Searching .....

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Work - 55 Fiction

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


Your first day of the first job ...
Many doubts, anxieties and excitement  ...
Special rituals and sacred prayers at home ...
Lucky colours and favourite numbers ...
As soon as you walked few steps on the road, a black cat crossed your way ...
What does it mean?
It means that cat has also got some work to do.


I have a question for you, may be, only a question.

What do you call a person who paints a wonderful master-piece with care, attention, patience, passion, zeal, innovation, enthusiasm and finally destroys  it deliberately  after its completion, for the sake of fun?

What do you call a person whose  help will be directly proportional to the intensity and magnitude of flattery/praises showered, daily, by you along with gifts?

What do you call a person who takes revenge on you by not helping you or by harming you, just because you did not wish him on his birthday?

What do you call a person who  tries to satisfy his ego, every moment, by proving his domination  and superiority complex through his numerous tricks in all situations ?

What do you call a person who never gives you a rational valid reason for his deliberate deeds and conscious actions which generate pain and anguish in  you?

What do you call such person?


Before I was trying to publish this post, I heard someone saying to me,

" Wait ..... I know the answer for your question"
" Who is that ?"
" Can I answer your question ?"
" OK ....  tell me "

" The answer is 'GOD' "
" How do you know that?"
" Yes, I know, because I am the GOD"

" Really?... Interesting?..... Then why you are not visible to me? "
" Because you don't want to see me..... "

" Is it so? .... Crazy! .... Then how come I can hear you?
" Because I want you to hear me....."
" OK ...... now I got it ...... You are correct ...... You are GOD"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Treatment - 55 Fiction

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


" How are you feeling now? "

" Still high Temperature and difficulty in breathing ... "

" What did doctor say? "

 " He said that it is a kind of  virus ......"

" Did he give any medicine? "

" No. It has got no medicine it seems "

 " Is it  Swine Flu? "

" No .....  it is called 'human beings' "

" Hmmm ....... do take care Earth ... "

" Thanks Mars ... "

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Intention - 55 Fiction

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


" What are you reading ? ", Rishitha asked Mahesh.

" Reading about current social problems in India. "

" Any exam? "

" No ... I want to write a new topic about poverty and farmers in 55 words ."

" That' s Great. You really care for them." 
" Not exactly ...... It is easy to blog than to help them, besides, i get few awards too."

PS: This post is dedicated to 'Honest Scrap Award' presented by 'Guria' to 'Wisdomism'. 

Note: No offences intended to anyone, except Me.