Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bland-55 Fiction

Note:- 55  Fiction infers to fictional writings limited to 55 words

I know very well about your skills and capability...
You are adept in doing it...
You have got great experience.
You did it earlier..
at many places...
with many people...
Now, you have got the chance to entice me with your suavity
and something in me is desperate for it...
but still, go back! Walmart!


PS: Brand but bland
PSS: Expressed for 3ww with hinted words ChanceEntice and Suave

Saturday, September 22, 2012


The truth.
No one knew it...
No one knows it...
Everyone knows the opposite....
may be
Everyone believes the opposite
may be
Everyone wants the opposite
may be
Everyone is being just the opposite

The truth...
I knew it,
when it happened
I know it,
how it happened
why it happened...
Who made it to happen.

My fall is absolutely Absolute,
nestled in absolute prejudice
and, absolute bias....

The Absolute truth is ...
No one knows that I fell.


PS: Expressed for 3ww with hinted words Absolute, Fall and Nestle
PPS : My comeback and am smiling:)