Sunday, September 8, 2013


Is this a mask?


Masked to?

Another mask!

Where is the face then ?

It is beyond many masks...

Is that real face?

No. It is a coloured face.

Is that true colour?

No. It is media-shopped....

Is that real media

No. It is masked

Masked by?

Masked by real estate.

Is that estate real

Not just real, it is colorful. it is politically invested and infested

Are you talking about Modi?

No. I am talking about central mask

Are you real?

No. I am also a mask

Colored mask?

No. Plain mask.

Is plain mask good?

It is more dangerous than coloured mask


Because plain mask can be colored by any color

Am I a plain mask or colored mask?

You are none. You are just a color

Which color?

Colour of price and prejudice

OK. So I am a color and you are a mask. Right?

No. You are a mask but unfortunately you are standing before a mirror.

So I am not colored right?

No. The mirror is coloured


Yes. But Your spectacles are also colored


Yes. But your eyes are also colored

Which color?

Color of price and prejudice

So finally I am coloured right?

No. You are masked

How come? Which mask?

Masked by color.

I will kill you. Just tell me what is the difference between mask and color

Its You


In Between mask and color


No. Finished.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oh my Dog!

......and in such critical, crucial  circumstances, then came Lord Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu, ......he fought bravely on a winged white horse with a big blade and destroyed all Facebook servers with his super artificial powers .... finally he had killed the demon called Facebook and saved this wonderful wavering world from apathy, illusion, self-praise and ignorance.....Hmmm that sounded good because that was the last avatar of more 'would be' god list......and there after people lived happily with twitter ..... Tweeting about the originally created miracles of Kalki..... After few years some so called highly intellectual script writers created wife and son for Kalki.......and to praise their god family they have created facebook again........ This is called Vishnu maaya......Vishnu Leela..... God goes on ........ Oh my Dog!.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Long book no face...
Long face no look...
Long look no book..

Long life no you..
Long you no love..
Long love no life..

Long book no look
Long life no love

Long look no face
Long love no you

Live long love life
Long live love life
Live life long love
Love long live life

Monday, June 3, 2013

Straight Nose

They came across from Central Asia...
Carrying rituals and sacrifices , and 
Badge of Language
Badge of Chants
Badge of Thread
Badge of Purity

They conquered and converted 
The dark and brown plains of India
with stories and Literature 
Badge of Language

They controlled and commanded 
The tribes and sects of India
with multi theism and mythology
Badge of Chants

They divided and segregated 
The works and classes
with divine texts and sacred rules
Badge of Thread

They isolated and marked 
The wells and temples
with tradition and sanctity
Badge of Purity

They have darkened our culture
They have darkened our dark skin
They have darkened our identity

We have accepted them
As Hosts and Brothers
But they still think we are a liability 


PS : Written for 3WW, with words Badge, Darken and Liability

Commitment - 55 Fiction

Note:- 55  Fiction infers to fictional writings limited to 55 words

"Its been over 2 years since you had promised us"

"I will definitely perform this year....."

"It's the last chance . We have provided convenient conditions and managed the media "


"You have to do it . Else , you will lose all the projects as per our contract" . . ..
And within few days , he has hit his dream century


It was second innings of world cup final between two Asian nations.

The team required fifteen runs in the last over

He was playing with strong determination

Score board read four runs from 1 ball

He was on 99

Bowler was pacing .

Before he could strike the ball, the only thing struck in his mind was Contract