Friday, October 31, 2008

Saffron Terror

The pity is, most of the Hindus write against Hindus; Muslims write against Hindus; Christians write against Hindus. Yet, none of the Muslims or Christians write against their own religion. Before going in detail, let me clear a point about my identity . I am a pure Agnostic who neither believes in nor opposes God. I don't follow any religion. For me God is a passionate concept to study. I hate all types of Fundamentalism and Extremism equally whether it is Jihad or Hindutva. I do respect other's sentiments, faiths, beliefs and emotions.What made me to write on such a sensitive topic in my blog is the recent events occuring in our country in the name of religion and the people who are taking the political and social advantage of the situation.

1. The so called responsible media has coined a word called "Saffron Terror" within a week regarding the alleged role of a Hindu sanyasin in a Mosque bomb blast in Malegaon last year September. I am not supporting her but my question is why did the media hasn't coined the word "Green Terror" regarding the jahadi terrorism which is a serious threat to our nation since two decades???.

2. The Communist party of India has asked to ban RSS and BajRangDal.Wow, that is a welcome step. But Comrades, why dont you utter a single word against SIMI??.....Oh! you need votes right???

3. Christians were being attacked in some parts of Karnataka few days ago by Hindu groups and it was well reported in all media. But i do question why the media didnt report the reason behind the attacks??? (Its all about a book "Satya Darshini " against Hinduism .............. read at

4. Graham Stuart Staines was burnt to death along with his two sons Philip (aged 9) and Timothy (aged 7) while sleeping in his station wagon at his village in Orissa in January 1999 by a Hindu activist . I appreciate the role of media for supporting Staines and i condemn and oppose such heinous acts. What the hell media was doing when
Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati ( was brutally murdered by a Christian mob recently which led to violent conflicts in orissa???.
I personally rever both of them equally though.

I am not here to take sides to a particular religion or organisation. Why should there be bias and prejudice in presenting the facts???. Is being a Majority a sin? Doesnt the people of Majority have sentiments , faith, beliefs and emotions?? Is having tolerance our minus point?? Why should numbers define who is right n who is wrong(Vote Bank)?? Why should common man suffer for the sake of political and religious leaders?? Why should an innocent nun get raped for someone else madness?? Why should isms make us to kill each other in the name of religion??

"We have enough religions to divide us but not to unite us....."

Blame every wrong act or person with equal malice and intensity because there is nothing like " Correct Wrongs " .

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Wish

I Guess this is my first post, with only positiveness and clarity of thought, leaving the satirical isms factor aside. I do have a simple, special, significant, splendid and passionate Wish in my Life that can get fulfilled only once and at one particular time. My Wish may not be a unique one . My Wish is not related to Success and Failure.My Wish has nothing to do with Career and Job. I am glad that My Wish is absolute and original . My Wish makes me to feel like a bird flying with joy and freedom. My Wish keeps pops out of my heart frequently whenever the favorite , sweet, cute, heart-touching process of my listening sense swims and gradually percolates deep into the ocean of Music and thereby relieving me from the shackles and bonds of the current rat-race obsessed Society.

The recent repetition of the above process has been ignited by the song "Neevani Nenani Veruga Lemani .....",
rendered marvellously by "Shwetha Pandit", from the movie 'kotha bangaru lokam', has catalysed me to pen some streaming feelings regarding my Wish . This soulful ditty with scrummy flair is by far the best melody i have heard this year.Be it the soothing instrumentation or the captivating chorus or the dulcet lyrics and above all the delightfully enticing vocals of Shwetha Pandit

Anyways i have been in the phenomenon of drenching myself by the musical rain of this song(i listened to it umpteenth number of times continuously) since 2 weeks.I am still listening to this song while i am writing this post here.I am not yet tired from swapping the FM radio stations in search of this song. This song has perforated such a long lasting impression on me and my wish that i made my mind to embrace my wish with more grace and elegance.Now i would like to invoke the concept of God to reveal my much hyped wish.

" God! let me die to the assuasive and delicious trance of MUSIC, forever.!!!"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hey Ram!!!

Hey Ram!!!
Please tell us whether you had really constructed the Ram sethu or not?
Please tell us whether you really did B.Tech(Civil) or not?
Please tell us whether you were born at Ayodhya or not?
Please do answer us before the sick, crazy, crooked media and the rumour hungry society poses you one more embarrassing and mortifying question
"Did Rama Know Archery???"
Now take a break Ram , we have got one more person on whom we can through as much mud as we like.

I am raking these outdated queries of the past because we are so madly obsessed and passionately interested in the Controversies surrounding the famous persons that we hardly care for the Positiveness and Relevance in an Entity. At last, India is a Democratic country and we have the Right to Express(We hardly care for Fundamental Duties).

We would like to introduce you a person whose surname still makes Prime Ministers of our country. We are greatly interested to know what was the relation between those two girls(Abha and Manu) and Him, on whom He use to depend for support during the final days of His Life, rather than to know what support His Life has given to India and the World...... We are desperate to know who is great among Bhagath Singh and Him rather than to know the fact that Bhagath Singh and his group had followed the path of non-violence through Satyagaraha during their last days in prison , before they were hanged(Jatin Das had died during this satyahraha in prison)............ We have acute appetite to diffuse the ideological differences between Subhash Chandra Bose and Him rather than to know the ethical values of Netaji who named one of his 3 battalions on His name..........We are more eager to blame Him for the Partition of India rather than to know the historical attempt He could have made in Feb 1948 at Karachi to unite the two countries if He was not brutally murdered by a Hindu fanatic God'Say'(Who want to remember His Death anniversary any-ways)........

Among the tributes to Him upon his death were these words by the great physicist, Albert Einstein:

Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this walked the earth in flesh and blood.”

Wow! well said Mr Einstein. But we don't need generations,we have been disbelieving Him and His path since decades.

So what if Netaji had revered Him as Bapuji.So what if Tagore had respected Him as Mahatma.We dont want to take inspiration from an half-naked old man who used just a lathi to fight against the mighty British Empire. We need Revolutionaries who can take instant deaths with modern pistols. We don't want Him who fought against a dominant system on behalf of a suppressed system . We want leaders who can kill persons rather than the system.

The basic problem is that we hardly know the detailed events of His Life. We don't know what made Him to do the mistake of Committing to Independence. We should make a magnified search on His Life so that more minute experiments and open mistakes done by Him can be blown out of proportion through which can satisfy our arm-chair criticism syndrome. We even heard that. He has done certain experiments with Truth and Non-violence(Is it??).
How come we are blaming someone without knowing what exactly He is ??
We need more reasons to blame Him but we hardly have the source for it. We have a solution for this. We will do a prejudiced, biased and partial study on his self-proclaimed autobiography titled "My Experiments with Truth"(price:30 rupees). It sounds very costly, almost a cool-drink cost in a movie interval. No problem. We can gather a fund of rupees 30 easily standing at any junction(In India we can do anything on His name)

By the way, we didn't tell His name right? His name is mmmm....wt was that....Rajiv, Rahul(sorry ,i donnow priyanka's son name). Hmm.....anyways leave it.

Hey! Who is that guy among us murmuring something about Lal Bahadur Shastri. Common dude, we should not remember someone who is out of Nehru-Gandhi family, though he might be a person with sincerity, dedication,humbleness, honesty, modesty and highly ethical....Shastri is 100% fair and clean in character.There is 0% chances of throwing mud on Shastri .

Yeah, coming to our topic, before signing off we would like to tell you one more interesting thing about His Death. There is still a controversy regarding the words He had uttered before He died. Some people say He had said nothing(may be with an opinion that He did nothing....).Some people say that He was being collapsed, by the thrust of violence, on the heart of his Motherland, with a peaceful and yet significant sigh.......... " Hey Ram!!!"