Friday, October 30, 2009

Awards and Prizes

Hello Friends ..... Hurray!!! ....... I have achieved it ..... I am waiting for this moment since months ...... It is like my dream coming true ...... Am excited and elated ...... Am writing this topic from cloud-9 ...... It 's celebration  time ...... Its time for awards and prizes .......... Any Guesses from you guys? ...... Nope, it is not about my 50th post of my blog ....... The hottest flash news is that ....... I am being declared as the winner of a prestigious international prize ........ Now, any guesses?.....No?.........I got BOOKER PRIZE 2010 for my début novel " Promises and Illusions" .....Yeah ....Congratulate me guys ....Ehem! ..... What happened??? ...... You dont believe it ??? ..... Am serious guys ....... Am not kidding ...... Why, what happened? ...... Why are you whispering? ...... Wait, wait, wait ....... Let me explain you.

Recently, I made a promise to the Booker Committee that I am going to write a book with title "Promises and Illusions" in coming months. I told them about the book's concept and they really felt happy with my unique skills and talent in literature. Consequently, they have announced, unanimously,  their unbiased and unambiguous  decision tonight......Still you don't believe it??

Guys, common wake up, open your eyes. Look at the world. Get the updates and happenings. Welcome and accept the change. Rules have been broken, already.Look around.
India is going to win World Cup 2011 as the team has promised  that it will participate in the trophy.
Karan Johar is going to get Best director award in Oscars 2011 as he has intention to make a movie "Hypocrisy and Sycophancy " with Tom Hanks and Angelina.
My cousin will get into IIT in 2013 as he has announced about  his preparation recently.
In India, every student will be given distinction if they get hall tickets.

It is quite easy guys. Zero efforts. It is all about Media Management and polarised politics. It is all about mere promises and trendy  announcements. Anyone can claim anything now, irrespective of whether they deserve it or not.

Manipulations have replaced Qualifications.
Ethnics have replaced Ethics.
Standings have replaced Standards.
Committees have replaced Commitments.
Dictations have replaced Dedications.
Deliberations have replaced Directions.
"KNOW BULL"  has replaced the NOBEL......

Yes, I know it is too sarcastic and satirical. But what else i can do?

Nobel Peace Prize for Obama????????
Does he really deserve it ?
Can Obama resolve at-least one of the above issues to restore peace?

1. Sir, could you please allow the children, women and common citizens of Palestine to live without daily  dose of bombs and weapons?
2. Sir, could you please leave Iraq(and its oil) to let the people of Iraq live in peace, now at-least?
3. Could you please ask your pet doggy Pakistan to stop terrorism on its land, if not in India??
4. Could you please dump your thousands of nuclear bombs into Pacific/Atlantic before demanding/commanding the remaining world for peaceful cooperation?
5. Could you please reduce your 25% share of global greenhouse gas emissions so that all living creatures can live in a peaceful and green atmosphere?
6. Could you please restrict your sponsoring to world terrorism to support your domestic weapon manufacturing comapnies so that we can feel the Peace?
7. Could you please stop yourself from interfering in other country's domestic issues so that we can have peaceful coexistence ?
8. Could you please control your puppets UNO, IMF and World Bank from ripping apart the lives of millions of people being crushed under poverty?
9. Could you please stop your camouflaged and cultural Domination in the name of Globalisation and Liberalisation  which are  erasing many diversified  cultures and endangered species from the Earth.
10. Could you please reduce your greed and intensity of your thirst to suck out all the world's natural resources in the name of corporal development and boasted achievements so that the rest of the world can survive peacefully(remember? your native Africa)?

Sir, have you ever heard about the words, Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility , Mutual existence and Sustainability?
Sir, you said, 'Mahatma is your inspiration'. Have your really understood and felt the meanings of Truth and Peace?

Sir, we the people from other side of the westernised corporal society urge  you to let us struggle for our basic amenities as usual. We are not even asking for self respect, we just want a peaceful earth to survive in the brutal race of Existence and Evolution. Please give us a piece of PEACE.

Anyways, I know, as of now, your mighty Money Weapon is powerful than our noble Nobel pen.

Q: Who will get Nobel Peace Prize in 2010?
A: Osama(If he promises that he will stop terrorism from next year)
PS: As per the Nobel Committee's new guidelines, all the Nobel Peace Prizes until 2100 have been reserved for Indian Politicians as no one else have made so many promises(castles in air) successfully, since 1947.


Anonymous said...

I thought you are really writing a book..... :-(( May not be a big publisher..... but .... :-((
As I said before you are reaching only few people.
Great work..............

- Pappu

Anonymous said...


Did you change the design of the page, in post a comment in word verification it is not displaying the scroll bar... one tip is you can select the text area of the commments and press tab to go to word verification... but change the design.

- Pappu

BK Chowla said...

I am new to your blog.Well I have read a few of your posts.This one also is a great post.

shannu said...

Mahesh ur always good at writing these things with satirical and humour ways.I like it very much.
Buddy u have a got deep sensual thoughts which can pierce any type of shields and barriers.
This article is one of the best i have ever read from all the blogs and the best from ur blog in my perspective.

Very eagerly waiting for another article from ur blog......


Mahesh said...

Hi Pappu.....

Thanks for informing me about the comments error. I have rectified it.

Yeah, even i am looking forward to write a book. Seems it is quite long way to happen as of now. May be it is bit time factor too. Indeed, through a book we can reach many people.

Thanks again buddy :)

Mahesh said...

@ BK Chowla,

Welcome to Wisdomism. Thanks a lot for your time and pat.
Hope you had good time in reading.
Thanks again. :)

Mahesh said...

@ Shannu(Shankar),

Hi buddy,
Thanks a bunch for your support and constant encouragement, since one year.
I am quite happy that you have enjoyed reading this post.
Thanks again for those sweet words and heavy adjectives.
I hope I will live up to your expectations in my next posts too.
:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mahesh,

Now a days my morning starts with your beauty of words which brings such a wonderful awareness concepts, really happening around the World.

I want to appreciate your valuable efforts & thoughts as well.

Thanks to u & ur Blog.

Thanks & Regards,

Mahesh said...

Hi Chennakesava.....

Welcome to Wisdomism and am quite happy that my words are saying to you a good morning.....what else a writer can wish?
Thanks for your genuine words and pat.
Hope, I will write some more posts that deserve to say you many good mornings :)

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Mahesh
I guess now the comment form is working alright...

O dear! I indeed rush in belief just a belief that you indeed meant it..but I wish no wonder someday you actually end up a seriously surprising all with your treasured talent. Amen!

Nevertheless…I loved your post..
Keep us on our toes;)

Keep the spark Alive..

Raghav said...

Kaaka Keka,

Sarcasm at its best, n Nobel Peace Prize to Obama is itself a sarcastic joke about how things work...although this is not new for the Nobel Peace Prize, it certainly is a new height in manipulative politics, it’s just getting worse...may be some day things change for greater good.

N mark my day u’ll get that Booker prize....i hve no doubts abt that....


Mahesh said...

@ Rachana,

Hey buddy......thanks for those creamy words.....Yes dear, definitely there will be a huge surprise, who knows, I may end up writing a book with Rachana Shakyawar as co-author.....Isn't it a pleasant surprise?

I will keep the spark alive, forever.....
Thanks again a lotttt dear :) :) :)

Mahesh said...

@ Raghava,

" day u’ll get that Booker prize"......

i hope it is not a sarcasm.....better than the best.....hahahaha.....

Yeah, let us hope one day i will get it.....with the kind of constant support you guys are giving me. And i may end up saying on the ceremonial dias....

"Thanks jury and thanks Raghava...."

Shruti said...

What can i call this post as? A post which has irony, this is satirical, highly sarcastic, mordacious to some, mordant at many times.
WOW! What a difference you have shown in this post! U have barbed this in a right way!

People, are you listening? Please give a piece of peace and don't piece the existing peace!

Kudos to u mahi!

HaRy!! said...

What abt nobel prize for my blog then? oh wait...yu already have it dont yu...ll get it next year then!...maybe later on then..because the fakeipl player wud hav got it!because he revealed his identity!...! good saracasm to show our frustration dude!...y not write a book!

Mahesh said...

@ Shruti,

Yeah, it was bit too much on behalf of the Nobel committee. I had so much anguish and grudge on USA that this award has erupted the burning volcano in me.....

Thanks for your apt response buddy :)

Mahesh said...

@ Hary,

Yeah, for me sarcasm is the best way to show the frustration.
What else we can do?
Anyways, Yeah, you will get it buddy.....its jus practising about faking promises...... even i wanna try for one more.....its easy besides free publicity too.... :)

Singh Amit said...

Very Nice post Mahesh...
It's really ridiculous to give Noble Prize just on saying for peace and development...
If it is so ...I feel every Indian leader would have got a Nobel Prize...


Mahesh said...

@ Amit,

thanks buddy.....i even feel it as beyond ridiculous.....

Vipul Grover said...

Hey mahesh interesting topic there, rather intrsting beginning as cud not read the cmplete post as in a hurry. I dropped by 2 tell u tht i can't find u on the followers list of blog-a-ton while compiling all the latest follwers.. r u following it privately or what. Do strt following it publically (i.e ur profile shud appear on followers widget) asap :)

Shruti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nethra said...

I was smiling when I read that you gonna win Booker Prize, not that I don't believe you can win, but I knew that the post was about something else.
I was also wondering why Nobel prize committee had chosen Obama. He doesn't deserve and surely he wont do anything from the list you have made.
I liked the flow of the post. Though, it was lengthier than your other posts, it was a good read.
Keep blogging. :)

Mahesh said...

@ Nethra,

Hi, thats great to hear that my blog indeed made you smile.(it rarely does..)

Yeah, i thought my writings will suit best for the sarcasm episode :) :) hahaha

Thanks for your time and pat.... :) :)