Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year, 2010.
Hope, you had all the new year's flavours, aromas, wishes, entertainment, cultural activities, refreshment, fun and frolic etc. New Calendars? BTW, How did the parties and celebrations went off? Colourful/Exciting/Blast/Rockin? Were they Green too? 

Yeah, i mean it. How much we have been contributing to the ever incrementing global warming by these celebrations on various occasions, year long? We all of us know very well that, not only celebrations, every human deed results in the gradual extinction of many species, daily. Wait, I am not asking every one to become a saint and stop partying/celebrating. If we are responsible to the mounting Global Warming phenomenon, knowingly or unknowingly, by the usage of non-biodegradable things and burning fossil fuels through our daily activities , then isn't it our responsibility to compensate for the inevitable damage we are causing to the Environment in which WE live.

Any new resolutions in New Year?
How about having one more?
Shall we try "Green Deeds" ?

Yes. Green Deeds. You might have got the gist of this topic by now.
I strongly feel that the obvious failure of Copenhagen summit(Climate Change) necessitates to retrospect our role and responsibilities before passing the buck to other entities. I would like to propose an idea to deal with the number of carbon foot prints we are leaving behind whenever we succumb ourselves to consumerism .

As every  activity, from partying to blogging, results in a certain amount of  plastic waste or consuming any fuel/energy/power that causes global warming, we can make the activity as GREEN by planting a sapling to minimise the damage/impact, if not finding a solution. It is quite simple. You can choose, like, for how many activities/deeds you will plant a sapling. It can be one sapling per one activity or one sapling per 4 activities, depending on one's convenience. The choice is yours.  It is highly flexible .  We have to start somewhere, right?
Think once....
1. How about adding a plant along with the gift on any/every occasion?
2. How about planting a sapling/saplings as a memory to our recent trip?
3. How about having at least one Green weekend per month?
4. How about having 11 plantations whenever India wins a series or your favourite player performs?
5. How about saying a Green Sorry?
6. How about having a plant on every success in our life?
7. How about Green Festivals/Green Cinemas/Green Works/Green Jobs?
8. How about converting all get-togethers/Meetings/Parties/Trips/Journeys/Weekends/Holidays etc into "Green Visits"?
9. How about "Green Shopping" (one plant per 1000/10000  etc )? What say?
10. We may have Green Friends/Relationships too....
11.Finally, how about Green Blogs/posts. One plant per one post/5 posts/one Blogaton etc??

Green Studies...... 1 plant per one semester/academic year
Green Careers.....1 plant per appointment/bonus/onsite/promotion etc
Green Bike.....1 plant per 100/500/1000 km etc
Green Aims...... 1 plant for one Aim/Goal/Dream
Green Waste...... 1 plant per 1month/100 days/1 year etc
Green Books...... 1 plant per 1 book/10 books
Green LOVE....... You know it.
Green Homes.......Is your balcony empty? 
Green Gadgets.....1 plant per PC/Laptop/mobile, per year
Green Music.......1 plant per 100/200 albums etc

I hope the questions, like, Is your Job Green? Is your life Greener? Is this Green Party? Do you have Green Memories? Is your PC green Is your blog Green/Are you a Green Blogger?  ....etc will become part of our lives soon.

So Friends, what do you say? Will you join me and spread this flavour of "Greenism" ?
I am leaving few ideas for you. I would like to have suggestions from you, which i will add in this post, eventually, to make it more comprehensive and pragmatic.
 Any Green Thoughts ?
Lets, WE, together make this new year a......
Happy GREEN New Year :) 

PS: This post is a Green Post :) :) :)


aativas said...

Planting trees is ok, but taking their care is required more. Otherwise, we have too many plantations with very less survival.

Darwin Baisa said...
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Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

@ aativas...

Thanks for the point and happy new year buddy are correct. The maintenance factor is bit at the horizons....
We do have many NGOs that work towards this cause....
So, we can delegate the responsibility to them.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Innovative thinking... I must say!

I'm doing my bit. We have a lovely terrace garden... nurtured by my best half and yours truly :)

The garden is our pride and joy. I was alarmed to discover that... there were very few birds that one could spot now-a-days in namma bengaluru... aka once upon a time 'Garden City' :(

Thanks to our terrace garden we can spot some sparrows and pigeons apart from butterflies and bees :)

P.S. Here's wishing you a Happy, Safe, Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!!!

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

@ Roshmi

That sounds great and you are already on the right tracks....
Keep going buddy....
Spread the GREEN message in ur own way...
You are right. we are destroying the bird habitats in our so called cosmopolitan cities in the name of development....
Anyways,.....impressive job

Thanks a bunch for the wishes and i wish u d same buddy....

Hav a cheerful, delightful GREEN year... :) :) :)

BK Chowla, said...

There is a saying that good thoughts bring about clarity.
You have brought about a very relevant subject.
Happy new year

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

@ Chowla ji

Thanks for the words....
Happy new Green year...
Is ur blog turning green ?

santosh said...

Happy new year!!!

I have started it and not only me but our organisation HOPE - for needy also implementing this.

Thank you

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Mahesh
What a post indeed!
Truly adore this post of yours!
Nothing like a better post could be in the new year eve!

5 Cheers to you!

Go Green!

Bwt: Happy New Year,2010
I shall make sure to plant a new plant and take care...further I plan to use my old laptop, unstead buying a new one to suppot the concept of Green

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

@ Rachana....

happy new green year buddy :)...
Thanks a bunch for your responsive green actions . I am elated by your decision of green deeds....
What else a blogger can ask if his post is turning into fruitful actions...
Thanksss again buddy...

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Mahesh

I have almost read this post more than you would have...simply loved the innovative lines and thought you have created so beautifully.

However I wonder..y you dont accpet a normal sorry if said...perhaps the Sorry has to be'nt it!!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Mahesh

I have almost read this post more than you would have...simply loved the innovative lines and thought you have created so beautifully.

However I wonder..y you dont accpet a normal sorry if said...perhaps the Sorry has to be'nt it!!

YOGI.....the ultimate said... wishes for a green blogger i will do my best green deeds...

Chatterbox said...

Happy New Year Mahesh :)

I liked the idea of starting this new year and an all new decade with a wonderful resolution.

Let's "Go Green" and keep our blue planet a wonderful place to live in :)

Keep up the good work :D


Unknown said...

Hi Mahesh,

Great idea...!!!
at least from now my balcony will not be empty :-)

Anonymous said...

A Green hello,

This sure is an innovative idea.
The way you have explained elaborately and in such a compelling way that it makes me to think how I can go green.

Gifting flowr plants is what I do sometimes. :~)

Nice post!!

Lets all make this a green green world!

Kudos for the thought!!