Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bhai, Tujhe Salaam !!!

Once the genie of rat race was out of the bottle , you marched  to the beat of someone else's drum. If you had not kept pace with your companions , perhaps it was because you heard a different drummer. Might be you felt that its important to be clear headed and good hearted. You could not catch your boat the first time. So did many but they had not a minute to waste for the next boat. They hopped on to just any and every boat they could, telling you, time and tide waited for none. You said " I will cross the bridge when I come to it". You wanted to let your thoughts in this precious present stay , reflecting the universe, deep and vast. You left the winter comfort of bed and precious early morning nap, hopped out of the house, gulped down lots of spirit, deserted your dear and near ones, with only one future confession " Don't blame me, I tried". I don't know whether it was your conscious professional decision. You laid to rest all your angst regarding the society .You know that you are the least paid in the country . You had not made tall claims, but you wanted space to work with dedication and contribute towards fulfilling your social goals. Your heart was enshrouded by 3 colours .It stands for the passion that fuels every move you make. Donning multiple hats comes easy for you.You are back from self imposed sabbatical. You forgot your religion. You didn't choose to have troubles, but you chose to fight. Once you decided to rise to the challenge, everything simply fell into place. You did it earlier, many a times.

You went there to stop the fire, lit by a few short sighted and self seeking religious fundamentalists and extremists , since decades, that had turned into a major conflagration that was threatening to spread far and wide all over the country. Hell is , you know, that the end of your life is near and you haven't used your talents and resources to your best abilities to make a difference in the life of a needy personHeaven is, you know, you are aware of your approaching death, but are still fearless of it because you know that you have done your best to make a difference .

 You don't know false promises, you are far away from ismsYou finished a brave war game and we started the ridiculous blame game. We saluted you ...... we praised your heroic accomplishment ...... we listened patriotic songs ...... we wrote articles, editorials and blogs ..... we had group discussions and analysis at our dining tables and coffee joints......we said blah blah blah about politics, society, corruption, religion, media, terrorism, pakistan, this ,that, every hell topic ..... but we never encourage ourselves, our kids, brothers and friends to join your duties ...... We are IT, we are into IT, we are just IT.....  we are quite safe watching you in our TV ...... we are just armchair critics. Before you knew the embarrassing fact that you are fighting for the people who are such a hypocrites, fate conspired to give you another chance to fulfill your dream. Your childhood paper boat signaled, "Come, its time to go". Every breath you take, you felt, is a gift from God. But he takes it out too . You thought you are going to die and about to reach your heaven, but you still live in a billion hearts , forever, as a hero

The enchanting castle filled with love, care, ardor, concern, affection, fondness, warmth, fervidness, elan and tenderness showered by your mom and motherland , since you born, was being shattered by a single fanatic gunshot. I know it was not your compulsion, it was your determination. You might be insignificant to us when you lived, but you are much significant when you died for a self-less purpose. I bow thousand times before your dauntless and audacious sacrifice of your honest life for the sake of our nation.
BhaiTujhe Salaam


Santhosh said...

JAI HIND...!!!


aativas said...

Yes, Mahesh, this is an excellent tribute to those unknown who serve unknowns like us! It is a thankless job. I join your tribute.. if you plan any action, please let me know.

Roshmi Sinha said...

An excellent tribute to our 'real heros'. The unknown soldiers and martyrs.

The 'super heros' are usually found cowering in their deeply dug rat hole... at times like these.

Jai Hind!

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

@ aativas

I am extremely happy by the way you have responded with interest in actions. Thanks a ton for your initiative. Our "Hope" community is planning a programme in this direction. I will let you know the details :)
Thanks again

Jai Hind

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

@ Roshmi,

Yeah, you are true in saying that they are unsung real and super heroes. Unfortunately the system and the social mindset is not in their favour.
Jai Hind

BK Chowla, said...

At least there someone who is around to recognise the real heroes.

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Mahesh

Your words definitely creates magic and goose bumps simultaneously to me!

This post has made us revisit an extraordinary combination of hope, pain and ignorance!

They don’t want any recognition but we definitely need the Heroes to praise and get inspired for their strong willpower and sharp sight..
Well written off …rather I must say…great effort on 26/11!

Keep the spark Alive..

May all are Healed!Amen..

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

@ Rachana...

Thanks a lot for every alphabet you wrote in your response :)
I am humbled and elated too :)