Saturday, October 10, 2009


I came across this poem  written by a 12year old girl whose father molested her for around four years and she had no one to complain and protect her . I read it in my friend's blog ( ) . Initially i was thinking to comment on this. I had so much anguish that i wanted to vent it on my blog in my words.           


 ***  In the recent survey it is stated that around 53% children in India are the victim of child abuse.

Half the children in our country are in HELL.

I don't know what to say and what to write. Because just writings are not enough. We need actions, stringent, commited, immediate , at least voice and moral support.

Which adjective and which language can reflect and convey the agony behind the tears of those tender buds? Is there something like language of humanity? I do not know how many silent tears are feeling shy, every second, to come out of those innocent eyes, secretly, isolated, alone,  flowing through the cheeks of humiliation and vanishing into the well of depression . Its hard to understand how those tiny hands are consoling those fearsome eyes when they wipe the lava of emotional volcano. 

  What's happening in the land of "Pithrudevobhava"??.
Is this all our Education, manners, culture, IT,  Super power dreams, vision 2020,??? Why are we boasting ourselves so much.  In the rat race of materialistic consumerism we are shedding our clothes of human bonds and sentiments . Is it because of our irrational obsessions.??

The arrogant virus of individuality has crept so much into the  brains that even the virus has started hating the human race.The world is so obsessed with the train of globalisation in order to reach the station of development, that, the societal, cultural, moral, ethical values are getting limited to books and blogs. Such pathetic incidents on kids do indicate that the evolution of human degradation has started. I wish the angel of global warming will wipe out the virus of human race as early as possible.

Do we need to change the meaning of father, brother, sister, daughter, uncle in the dictionary of relationships ? 
Do we need machines that scan every glance, every touch, every kiss, every intention of adults towards kids?  

We can't keep making laws for each and every immoral act happening within the family boundaries and bondings?. We are badly missing the moral education. All we know is technical education. We speak the language of money, language of success, language of computers, language of fame, language of being western, language of development, language of blah blah blah.....We have become so mechanical that we  may need to get programmed in order to respond.

Or, do we need Deprogramming/reprogramming?

It may sound extremes for you. Yes, I am angry, indeed, frustrated. I want to respond, on behalf of those hapless kids and tainted blossoms. I am going to. I have to. We have to. We should , we must, we will.


What shall be done?
Where shall we start?
Will you come forward, friends? 

(* I thank Suga for providing me an opportunity to write an intense topic)


☥ ѕωαмι ηανєєη said...

Almost made me shudder ...a serious issue to ponder upon ... the usual blaming the west attitude wont work here ... Its all a mindset problem.... We must except it as a social vice first n then resolve to scrap it off.

mAhEsH KaLaAL said...

@ Naveen, thanks for your rational response.

1.the usual blaming the west attitude wont work here ... Its all a mindset problem.

I am not disagreeing with you, but my anthropological background made me to link the societal and cultural impact on the subconscious mind of the culprits....
Anyways, its too much technical thing to discuss that crap there

As you said, Yes, it is indeed a social vice first. I totally agree.

sachin said...

Hi mahe..its indeed shameful thing on human race....both kind of people are culprits...those who do this type of shameful acts and those who won't take action against it....IT'S TIME FOR ACTION JANTA...WAKEUP..!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Mahesh

Very well written in detail
..the post holds the pulse.
This is indeed a very horrible haunting issue and we need to accept and support the whistle blowing policy.

Keep the Spark Alive..
Humming Today

Singh Amit said...

it is horrendous indeed that 53% children in India are the victim of child abuse...and the most disastrous thing is that the guilty people are their relatives... So it seems difficult to counter it through laws.. I do not know what is leading these filthy people to channelize their lusty ambition on the ignorant -mute- weak-children. I feel Unless they would start revolting...It would bound to happen. So somewhere I feel "sex education" would play a good role for the awareness of children. Proper counselling of victims should be done...I earnestly feel that School & Education can have potential to restrain such crimes.... :)

mAhEsH KaLaAL said...

@ sachin
@ rachana
@ amit

thanks a bunch for your response

Shilpa said...

How can children be safe outside when they are not safe inside their own house. A daughter sees a protector in her dad.What would she do if 'daddy dearest' hurts her?? Such people should be hanged. I have no mercy for them.

I really appreciate your thoughts.

RSV said...

i thought child abuse was mainly found in foreign countries..but the data you presented raise the hairs of my body....

Nethra A said...

I appreciate your thoughts.
I would like to add another issue here. I recently read a animal incest story, where a mother kills the dog, when she catches her daughter committing incest with it.
Did the dog know it was doing wrong? Was the dog raping the girl? Absolutely not! Still, it's life was taken.
Damn incest!

mAhEsH KaLaAL said...

@ RSV,
welcome to my blog.

Yeah, the data is shocking.
Rather than the data (let it be any two digits,) the pain and agony of the kids made me to respond. And in India even 10% means millions of kids. So, it do makes a huge difference.

Thanks :)

mAhEsH KaLaAL said...

@ Nethra,

Yea, Damn incest, and as you pointed out, there are many other pathetic aspects and consequences of this instinctual incest .
May be things are beyond our perceptional boundaries and rational thoughts.

Thanks for the point :)

Anonymous said...

Hi mahesh,

One thing i can share here is, parent should be so close and they should encourage the children to share every small thing happens to them (school, relatives, friends). Children may not tell exactly what happened but parents are smart enough to understand what could have happened to their children in their absence. This way at least we can stop it at the initial stages itself identifying the culprit. This is one of the consequences of mechanical life, in which both the parents are working leaving their children alone at home.


Sushee said...

Hi Mahesh,
Arrived at your blog and leaving without a regret of coming here.
Great Post man! It tears ones' heart to think of being abused and molested by own father, when we think he is our guidance and protector.
I agree with you, We need to do something or at least raise our voice against molestation.

Good job here!

mAhEsH KaLaAL said...


Thanks for your response and the pat :)

pallavi said...

Hi Mahesh...

Such a sensitive topic and you have dealt it with so precise information.
Thanks a lot for such articles, which inspire people to think.
I have seen lot of mothers who scare to leave their kids with any1 other than themselves..watelse can they do..

Thanks again!!!

Mahesh said...

@ Pallavi,

Welcome to Wisdomism....

Thanks a lot for ur time and response buddy....
Yeah, its much more a social malice and creeping evil which requires much awareness and strategic, comprehensive and sociological measures to keep it in check.....

Yemiledu said...

Intense it was.
Well expressed. Can understand how bad you must have felt reading that poem.
The silent pain that victims of child abuse undergo is really very scary.
I hope we all have a responsibility to STOP it,in any mean we can.