Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Killing Me

They have gifted me a hanging thread
for i haven't followed the formal conventions
for not continuing the age old rituals

They have prepared a 6 feet length pit for me
for not joining in any of the societies
for abstaining to bow before any place for worship

They have burnt my radical pamphlets 
They have torn my clothes
for not accepting a dog as a King

A miss world has filed a case on me
for being myself
for gazing at her almost naked breasts

Sheep have pelted stones on me
for not voting along with them
for not jumping into some direction

I am in all those animals, plants, fossils and rivers
I am sitting in all those living cells and non living atoms
I am in creation, not in hypo-critic and sycophantic illusionist materialistic life
I am creative , not a stone donkey with garlands in a halo head
I am with creativity, not in the graveyard of fame, power, lust, mobility, wealth and gold

They can copy me
They can remix me
They cant emulate me
They can't be me

Let them chant, for fire
Let them have prayers, before fire
They can never be as pure as fire

In all the galaxies and planets
in deep valleys, heightened  mountains
day, night, morning and evening
Wherever, whenever, whoever and however
no one can kill me, even if they die
If they are alive, i am dead
If they are dead, i am alive

PS : Written for 3WW  ,  Prompts : abstain, halo, prayer


HaRy!! said...

dudeeeeeeee!!! i luvd that miss world part! btw too many ad sense :D

Deborah said...

..... I'm speechless.
I loved every sentiment and every word, soo well written ... absolutely brilliant!!!!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

mujhko mere baad zamaana dhoondega...

nice post mahesh.

Jay Thurston said...

Nice poem, very deep.

Coraline J. Thompson said...

Your prose is very deep. Great use of the prompts and I enjoyed reading your piece.

The World of Lost Souls

"K" said...

This lovely poem rang with sincerity and passion. I absolutely loved it.

Angel said...

This makes you think.

geeta said...

Each word of the piece has an indepth meaning....Emotions brought out in a composed way...

I loved these lines...
They can copy me
They can remix me
They cant emulate me
They can't be me
written with intense feelings...

Bobbie Sandlin said...

Very nice. Enjoyable read :)

Ramesh Sood said...

Beautiful.. whatever they are I am not..and so I thought.. no we are not.. and that's why we are here sharing, they are not.. for they cannot , they only take.. well written Mahesh.. loved it..

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Hary
Thanks dear

@ Deborah,
Welcome to wisdomism,
thanks for the pat :)
keep dropping by

@ Blasphemous Athlete,
Thanks buddy :)

@ Jay,
Welcome to wisdomism,
Thanks a lot, keep dropping by

@ Coraline,
Welcome to wisdomism,
Thanks for the appreciation,
keep dropping by :)

@ K,
Welcome to wisdomism,
Thanks a bunch for the pat:)
keep dropping by

@ Angel,
Welcome to wisdomism,
Thanks a lot,
keep dropping by :)

@ Geeta,
Thanks a bunch for the feedback buddy :)

Welcome to wisdomism,
Thanks and am glad that you have enjoyed it.
keep dropping by:)

@ Ramesh,
Thanks a lot for the feedback with wonderful interpretation and the response.

Cherry Blossom said...

A perfect presentation of 'Self', set against the hypocritical parenthesis of valueless conceptions of society. Realization of the 'Self' is the summum bonum of the creation of Principles of Wisdom. Whether a person is an atheist, or a theist, depends on his perception of the universe, but its important to believe in an Omnipotent Power, which has some control over life.

'They can copy me
They can remix me'
But no matter to what extent a man is taunted, or mimicked, or disgraced, he will, one day, be respected if he uses all his endowments till he bleeds.

'I am in creation, not in hypo-critic and sycophantic illusionist materialistic life...'

A person carries with him various shades of character over which he himself have neither trust, nor control.
In order to attain immortality of soul, a person should analyze and know his inner-self first, without any biasness ............A WELL WRITTEN PIECE EVOKING DEEP THOUGHTS.

You have highlighted the facts of our culture, but do we follow the basic principles of a civilized society and in our personal life?
Our education starts from home, but only if we get proper guidance, we can mould our individuality.

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@Cherry Blossom,
First of all, thanks for a wonderful and rational analysis of the post with quite objective insights and comprehensive approach. This is one of the best feed-backs i have received till now.
You are the first person who responded with a full fledged version of a reader. In fact a wise comment with lots of wisdom in it.
This is what i was in dire need to communicate my ideas and you did got my intentions behind every word in apt and compatible way. I do feel satiated now. Yes, i do agree with whatever you have said about perception and realization.

I read somewhere, "The best gift one can give to this world is being himself"

I am not sure how many of the so called civilized modern tech savvy generation follows them, but as an anthropologist and a confirmed rational agnostic, i do follow them in my daily life in every aspect , and hence the reflections.

Education, yes, we need social, civic, and moral education, but what we end up with is only technical education to serve the interests of the western economies. So, radical educational reforms is the need of the hour .
Also, one should be ready to adopt the adaptation as per the requirements of uncertain change.

Thanks a bunch for your appreciation and intriguing feedback . Yes, i do accept the compliments, humbly .

PS : I believe you can make a great post on this topic and i would like to read it .

gautami tripathy said...

How many of us dwell on it? I like..

reaching out

Tavish Chadha( said...

lovely lines Mahesh and very deep too...

Mehak said...

this is great. it's written with pure brilliance Mahesh. touched my heart...

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Gautami..
Yes, how many of us?
Thanks for the response .

@ Tavish..
Thanks for the pat , buddy :)

@ Mehak ...
When my words touch someone's heart, it reflects in my heart too.Thanks for the wonderful comment and the pat :)