Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why saving Green Lives ???

I would like to share a discussion between my friend Raghava  and me regarding saving "Green Life" about which I wrote in my post Forest Talks

 Raghava says, ...

Here, most of us are neglecting the fact that it took over 4 billion years for the intelligent life forms like humans to emerge on this planet, and it’s only during the past 200,000 years, through the reign of human existence the planet’s balance is shattered like anything.

And if we think that Earth will be left in chaos, and we are endangering other species, we are sucking out every possible natural resource and slowly but surely making the Earth inhabitable to any kind of life form, we are totally wrong. It is “us” who will perish, Earth has a seen a million catastrophes like these, it has withstood, millions of years of ice ages, billions of asteroid impacts, worst possible conditions that humans can ever imagine, the planet works in a completely different astronomical time-lines, and during those times, we will not survive, if we do not change our attitude towards Mother Earth, we will perish, and this time there will be no remains….

Whatever we’ve done and doing right now is nothing compared to what Earth has endured over these billions of years.

Earth and life recovered, sometimes even benefited, from every other major catastrophe. It's this ability to deal with catastrophe that's a truly special thing about Earth.

Earth can cope with anything we can throw at it. We could clear all the jungles, but a jungle can re-grow over a few thousand years. We could burn all Earth's fossil fuels, flooding the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, but even then it would take the planet only a million years or so for the atmosphere to recover.

Even the animals we're wiping out will eventually be replaced by others equally rich in diversity, as the relentless work of evolution continues. It's only a question of time. The Earth will be just fine. That's not to say that the rapid changes we're forcing on Earth don't matter. That's because humans operate on a different timescale. We've evolved to live in the world as it is now.

So, in changing this world, we're altering the very environment that has allowed the human race to thrive. We could be creating conditions that threaten the long-term survival of our civilization.

So, all this stuff about saving planet Earth, well, that's not the problem.

Planet Earth doesn't need saving.

Earth is a great survivor. It's not the planet we should be worrying about,

it's us.


I say , ...

I agree with him and I dont agree with him....
And also, i agree with myself and i dont agree with myself...

Confused eh?

When the word EVOLUTION creeps in, nothing stands before it ..... nothing seems to be valid. .... neither creation nor destruction, except the universal process of transformation of energy from one state to another where the words like justice, morality, equality, ethics, values, conscience, blah blah are just bull shit words and cease to exist as they are just our convenient subjective and manipulative interpretations. Then you and me are just chemical carbon compounds.  Everything on earth will be restricted to physics, chemistry and few numbers, not even biology.

Anything on earth can be justified in the name of Evolution and anything can be opposed in the name of same evolution .

In this universe only one thing is constant. DOMINATION. There are only two categories of elements. One which dominates and one which gets dominated. It all depends on which side of the coin we are. 

The green exploitation and injustice  can be a tog of war between you and me. The same exploitation and injustice can be the same tug of war between us and the future generations. The question is  which exploitation are we going to oppose/support ?

Ex : I can support using plastic by sticking to the fact that Earth will eventually digest it in some finite years. Though the consequences will be troublesome for future generation i can throw the blame on EVOLUTION. (CAPITALISM)

I can oppose plastic usage by advocating the same fact of earth evolution but by adding an emotional perspective with words like "Our future generations/Mother earth/Our planet/Mother nature"(SOCIALISM).

Both are correct in their own perspective.

The most naked truth is that there will be always a tug of war between the  people who dominate and who gets dominated.

PS : You can share your views and opinions on "Green Living"


Anonymous Someone said...

Its but time that would tell, but its good to be emotional when the outcry has been loud, and the generations might be at stake.

And for mother earth, I think she is the lone survivor.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

The most naked truth is that there will be always a tug of war between the people who dominate and who gets dominated.

totally true...i like it....:D

Mehak said...

excellent post!
btw, i was going to vote for you in blog-a-ton but somehow, i thought that today was last day of voting and it turns out it was yesterday so i ended up not voting at all :( *total confusion* on my part...

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Anonymous Someone...
Yep, i agree with you.
The definition of lone survivor is the source of objectivity now.
May the nature laws prevail over human greed.... but isn't it human greed natural ?

@ Sid...
Thanks sid :)

@ Mehak...
Thanks for the vote buddy:).
Yea, it happens and thanks for the pat :)

Beyond Horizon said...

yes nature is most intelligent.....even beyond understanding of d creation it created dats us "humans".....but it doesnt mean we nvr try 2 save it.....

loved d way u described d evolution....domination
best part....explanation of CAPITALISM n SOCIALISM

post which is good n also makes 1 think aftr reading it n not just leaving a note of appreciation :)

HaRy!! said...

i wanted to comment and Sid commented watever i wanted to !....awesome dude!