Friday, October 31, 2008

Saffron Terror

The pity is, most of the Hindus write against Hindus; Muslims write against Hindus; Christians write against Hindus. Yet, none of the Muslims or Christians write against their own religion. Before going in detail, let me clear a point about my identity . I am a pure Agnostic who neither believes in nor opposes God. I don't follow any religion. For me God is a passionate concept to study. I hate all types of Fundamentalism and Extremism equally whether it is Jihad or Hindutva. I do respect other's sentiments, faiths, beliefs and emotions.What made me to write on such a sensitive topic in my blog is the recent events occuring in our country in the name of religion and the people who are taking the political and social advantage of the situation.

1. The so called responsible media has coined a word called "Saffron Terror" within a week regarding the alleged role of a Hindu sanyasin in a Mosque bomb blast in Malegaon last year September. I am not supporting her but my question is why did the media hasn't coined the word "Green Terror" regarding the jahadi terrorism which is a serious threat to our nation since two decades???.

2. The Communist party of India has asked to ban RSS and BajRangDal.Wow, that is a welcome step. But Comrades, why dont you utter a single word against SIMI??.....Oh! you need votes right???

3. Christians were being attacked in some parts of Karnataka few days ago by Hindu groups and it was well reported in all media. But i do question why the media didnt report the reason behind the attacks??? (Its all about a book "Satya Darshini " against Hinduism .............. read at

4. Graham Stuart Staines was burnt to death along with his two sons Philip (aged 9) and Timothy (aged 7) while sleeping in his station wagon at his village in Orissa in January 1999 by a Hindu activist . I appreciate the role of media for supporting Staines and i condemn and oppose such heinous acts. What the hell media was doing when
Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati ( was brutally murdered by a Christian mob recently which led to violent conflicts in orissa???.
I personally rever both of them equally though.

I am not here to take sides to a particular religion or organisation. Why should there be bias and prejudice in presenting the facts???. Is being a Majority a sin? Doesnt the people of Majority have sentiments , faith, beliefs and emotions?? Is having tolerance our minus point?? Why should numbers define who is right n who is wrong(Vote Bank)?? Why should common man suffer for the sake of political and religious leaders?? Why should an innocent nun get raped for someone else madness?? Why should isms make us to kill each other in the name of religion??

"We have enough religions to divide us but not to unite us....."

Blame every wrong act or person with equal malice and intensity because there is nothing like " Correct Wrongs " .

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