Friday, October 17, 2008

My Wish

I Guess this is my first post, with only positiveness and clarity of thought, leaving the satirical isms factor aside. I do have a simple, special, significant, splendid and passionate Wish in my Life that can get fulfilled only once and at one particular time. My Wish may not be a unique one . My Wish is not related to Success and Failure.My Wish has nothing to do with Career and Job. I am glad that My Wish is absolute and original . My Wish makes me to feel like a bird flying with joy and freedom. My Wish keeps pops out of my heart frequently whenever the favorite , sweet, cute, heart-touching process of my listening sense swims and gradually percolates deep into the ocean of Music and thereby relieving me from the shackles and bonds of the current rat-race obsessed Society.

The recent repetition of the above process has been ignited by the song "Neevani Nenani Veruga Lemani .....",
rendered marvellously by "Shwetha Pandit", from the movie 'kotha bangaru lokam', has catalysed me to pen some streaming feelings regarding my Wish . This soulful ditty with scrummy flair is by far the best melody i have heard this year.Be it the soothing instrumentation or the captivating chorus or the dulcet lyrics and above all the delightfully enticing vocals of Shwetha Pandit

Anyways i have been in the phenomenon of drenching myself by the musical rain of this song(i listened to it umpteenth number of times continuously) since 2 weeks.I am still listening to this song while i am writing this post here.I am not yet tired from swapping the FM radio stations in search of this song. This song has perforated such a long lasting impression on me and my wish that i made my mind to embrace my wish with more grace and elegance.Now i would like to invoke the concept of God to reveal my much hyped wish.

" God! let me die to the assuasive and delicious trance of MUSIC, forever.!!!"

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