Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Still?

Because you didn't find luxurious life
in grinning Gandhi's Rupee,
You went in hunting glum faced Washington's Dollar
Then why do you complain about the absence of smiling faces?

Narrow roads.....dirty streets....Narrow jobs,
Because you couldn't adjust in Third grade nation
You built Green Card houses in the land of opportunities,
Then why do you cry about Narrow life?

For you, whatever earns you just rupees is not an occupation
Whatever doesn't lie in the shadow of Liberty statue is not a status
Only to shine among the people of your third grade nation
You made your young brides to cross the seas, overseas.
Then why do you shout hypocritically,
"It is a materialistic World"

Impassable roads with mud holes
People clogging the way like house flies
Because of your aversion to this uncivilized society
You embraced the citizenship of White house
Then why do you feel depressed?
When you open a window, 
all you can see is snow rain and no men

You have ignored all those
Fists, which were like waving flags
Poetic bullets, which thrashed the agents of Uncle Sam
While opposing Imperialism
The victims have become stars in the Black sky
For whom are these stomach filled dollar coated bullets?
to provoke how many more such innocent people.
All you need is saluting the stars in Uncle Sam's Flag

Your hidden feelings come  to the surface
when rupee weighs ahead of dollar
The magnified negativity of our soil's dull shades
seems bright only when you catch the recession fever there

Our dark nights have become bright days for you
You have loved the land of colours
mainly, the dollar showering sky
Why do you still sing those cooked tragic songs of separation ?
Why do you still spell those fabricated promises of returning home?
Why still?
Your date of return is always tomorrow, and
Your return flight will never get scheduled
There can be never a brake for this break
Why still?

PS : Wrote for 3WW
        propmts : break, negative, surface 


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

True, some call it brain drain, but people running after money who left India, seeking fortune, seldom return back. It takes a lot to return.
Nice introspective post.
Its time for each one of us to consider what comes above, money or nation.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful thought provoking post :)
Thank you for sharing this Mahesh :D


BK Chowla, said...

I tend to agree with you, but, how can we blame those cant swim with the tide of corruption and non governance and also the opportunities overseas

Ramesh Sood said...

Well done Mahesh.. I remember once I was talking to a youngster.. what he wanted to do. he said settle in America... because he felt there was no future in India.. well I told him that he was future of India.. and if he goes away obviously how can India have a future..

I don't mind people going abroad.. but after learning or may be earning, they need to return and give back to the motherland which gave them roots and made them capable.and there are many such people.. yes, each coin has two sides...

And thanks for being in my space too..

Roshmi Sinha said...

Hard hitting and thought provoking as well... and as usual.

... but then it is difficult to let go of opportunities...

Cherry Blossom said...

A very intelligent post for rendering patriotic fervour and putting forth a sentimental message. Our country always comes first, no matter what we do and where we are. In fact, being out of India for several years now, I am a witness to the patriotic sentiments that are inculcated in the children by their parents staying abroad, the way respect is given to our flag during Independence Day celebrations, the way people greet during any festival. A good opportunity does count and we leave back everything in pursuit of it, true, but neither dollar, nor the Statue of Liberty, nor the broad streets, nor the luxury can replace the heart that cries for our nation, our food cooked at home, our festivals, the paani puris, bhel puris, idly, chutney and sambhar, our people, our soil, our culture. But do you deny the fact that corruption prevails in our country too. Has dowry system been eliminated? Is the social security intact? Is there any value for human existence? I have been to Andhra for quite a number of years and I have seen that the dowry asked in lakhs is equivalent to the salary in thousands that the groom gets, especially in certain castes, which I don’t want to disclose. It’s not only in this particular state but elsewhere too where marriages are a means of negotiation. For that matter, a helpless father has to get himself involved either in anti-social activities or run after dollars. If today I quit my job and plead to my nation to accept me as a servant and provide me with decent opportunity to serve my nation, will my people welcome me with open arms? I can’t even expect because there are millions waiting in a queue. All that overseas folks can do is to extend help and support to India and spread the basic values of humanity and uplift moral standards. True patriotism lies when we, as a united whole, try to eliminate corruption in our society and make the world a better place to live in. This is just a general insight with no personal issues. Thanks for putting forth the topic.

santosh said...

A tight slap for those who criticise rupee and praise dollar...

ThomG said...

I very much enjoyed this look into a different culture than my own.

Unknown said...

Mahesh, I agree with you to certain extent. But there are far more many reasons why anyone wants to land in US. Considering the population of India it is very hard to get in to premier institutions like IITs. What abt all aspiring people who cant make it to IITs but want to pursue higher education in some decent university without paying lakhs of rupees? Just like me, people opt for US universities where the quality of education is good enough and you get to fund it yourself. In India you get the funding based on your caste. That is the tragedy. You may say 'Go and change the system' but we get one life and no one wants to mess with it when there are opportunities in other countries. It would be a good idea to earn education and wealth and come back to give it to your motherland but just staying back in India since it is your home is not justifiable. This is my way of looking it.

Anonymous said...

3 months in USA for now..and What I actually feel is that the people who are here are more expressive abt their patriotism then those in INDIA...Its only the wrong assumption that people here don't give a damn to their home land...

I am not going to ask any of those in INDIA, who find happiness in boosting wat they did or plan to for their country stop doing so ..but please stop accusing others because you have a problem finding goodwill in other's actions...

Probably if I were you and was in India..I would have agreed to wat u said..but being here in USA and looking at those all around me...I am not just going to agree with your post...

*I am not posting this comment on my behalf but for those Indians I have known here who showed wat true patriotism is,...

I am a citizen of the world so to me all that matters is humanity...

Nandha said...

Hi mahesh ,

My friend Madhu told about your blog after reading few amazing articles ...i felt your doing really great job ..The Palamoor labour story was excellent .. iam also from mahaboob nagar and son of a farmer...

keep rocking ...and welcome me to Wisdomism