Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How many ?

Since ages,
from the valley of Anonymity
The wise wind has been telling 
the secret of birth and death

Except a Tree
None is opening up their ears
The Divine music
sung by the tree
being obstructed from reaching the far deserts
by a man standing in between

I request you
please tell him to move aside
Ask him to confine himself
into a five year old child

The corporate society
which has not learnt
From the wonderful acts
of children innocence
From women reasonless smile,
The brightness in the light of
society 's natural celebrations
is diminishing

Except the journey of
mixing up with soil after leaving this body
You have never tried
to move near to nature

Today's merciless humans
making tomorrow's boiling noons,
even for them,
somewhere, an early morning
from a river bank
cool breeze is blowing
to start the journey

those last group birds
which are flying in an evening
without any desires,
behind the full moon
which has embedded with rise
like Buddha's most last word

Tell me,
How many mothers are ready to give birth
to the children ,
who can blossom flowers
from the ends of their fingers ,
Mothers! Raise your hands, how many of you are ready?

the moonlight and moonshine from the full moon
asking those few women on earth
who are as strong as banyan tress
Tell me, how many of you, mothers ?


Ramesh Sood said...

Mothers... most passionate teachers, Mahesh.. but we make them ineffective by unlearning all that they heart goes out for them.. trust me they are all ready to raise hands..

And Mahesh..your words on my page empbolden me..but it is the other way round..I always learn on your page..Thanks for being!

Roshmi Sinha said...

"cool breeze"... yes the cool breeze. Noone knows from where it originates and where it goes...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I see the return of Old Mahesh, tell me old friend, what concerns you today?
The dispute over the mines, is it?

Nethra said...

I didn't understand it completely and what about the format of the poem? is it random?

Cherry Blossom said...

I wish that humanity would be as pure as your natural breeze, as obedient as your tree and as innocent as your child. Human civilization is degenerating and people dont realize that apart from materialistic marathon, they can find true solace in Nature and only Nature can provide solutions to their problems. But for that, they need the heart to love, to love Nature and to love Humanity, to see through their sufferings and accept challenges with a positive outlook. The basic idea of your powerful composition coincides with the second post of my blog(Fateful Transition). Well conveyed.