Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My First Poetry

Time is a measure of Frailty....

I run my own Race.
Its not the race of Length or Time...

It stands for my passion
that fuels every move i make.

It signifies focused diversity
and my quest to evolve better

I admire the race without desiring.
I enjoy the means than the end.

Neither Success nor Failure should go into my head.
In fact i am detached with the Result.

I am simple and elementary.
And yet i am happy with Me.

I know of but one Freedom
and that is the Freedom of Mind.

I dont have pat Answers.
I have no magical solutions.
All i have is Questions.

Then i faced some naked tough-truths
with a pinch of Wisdom.

I wish i was a little kid again.
Skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts

Am i lacking words to complete this poetry?
I know that this is not exactly poetical.

But still i am ending this as a poet.
Because this is my first poetry.


swapna cs said...

No need of regretting with ur present and wish for the rewinding of ur past.
I guess u have learnt a lot from those tough truths.
life is nothing but learning.
ur the best mahesh
hummmm mahesh ur first poetry is excellent.
what about the remaining .

swapna cs said...

hai mahesh
No need of getting regretted with ur present and wish for rewinding of the past.
I guess u have learnt a lot from those past tough truths.
life is learning this is wat u said in ur poetry
keep going
ur the best mahesh
ur first poetry is very gud

wat about the remaining.


Thanks Bhabhi.....for being the first person to give the first complement on my first poetry.

Kaavya said...

Hey Maks..... Its simply awesome.
I am speechless!!!
Why did you hide your talents till now?
Have great time ahead!

sai said...

oiiiiiiiiiii naniiiiiiiiiiiii
intakumunde cheppana there is no words to describe u
nice poetry.
ikkada ma frns chadivaru.
what abt the next poetry

ajay said...

Excellent one mama....Will be waiting for the next one.....:) :)

ajay said...

Excellent one ra...will be waiting for the next one :)