Sunday, September 8, 2013


Is this a mask?


Masked to?

Another mask!

Where is the face then ?

It is beyond many masks...

Is that real face?

No. It is a coloured face.

Is that true colour?

No. It is media-shopped....

Is that real media

No. It is masked

Masked by?

Masked by real estate.

Is that estate real

Not just real, it is colorful. it is politically invested and infested

Are you talking about Modi?

No. I am talking about central mask

Are you real?

No. I am also a mask

Colored mask?

No. Plain mask.

Is plain mask good?

It is more dangerous than coloured mask


Because plain mask can be colored by any color

Am I a plain mask or colored mask?

You are none. You are just a color

Which color?

Colour of price and prejudice

OK. So I am a color and you are a mask. Right?

No. You are a mask but unfortunately you are standing before a mirror.

So I am not colored right?

No. The mirror is coloured


Yes. But Your spectacles are also colored


Yes. But your eyes are also colored

Which color?

Color of price and prejudice

So finally I am coloured right?

No. You are masked

How come? Which mask?

Masked by color.

I will kill you. Just tell me what is the difference between mask and color

Its You


In Between mask and color


No. Finished.

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