Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why? What ? and How?

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What is it?
How is it?
Why is it?

Why is it for You?
How is it for You?
Why not for Us?

We mean,
Why is it ONLY for you ?
How is it  ONLY for You?
Why not for Us too?

Who made it beautiful and blur at the same time?
At the cost of whose shattering lives?
Which nation's capitalism made it beautiful? and for whom ?
At the cost of whose burning hunger?
Which nation's corporate companies made it blur ? and for whom?
At the cost of whose cultivable land ?
Which nation's globalisation made it invisibly visible ?
At the cost of whose virgin resources ?

Why do you always live on the other side of the glass?
Why do you always prefer the blurred glass?
Why do you have everything always? At par and Plenty ?
Why do we are left with unanswered questions and unquestioned answers?

Why are you partly visible yet inaccessible ?
Why are your lives always unclear? so plastic ?
Why do you hide behind those beautiful masks ?

We guess, you might be getting the same blurred perception of our lives too.
You give solutions and suggestions to our rocketing problems through your facebook without your real faces
You share information about our devolving lives through your witty twitter for your wit and pride.
You write and blog about our lives without even experiencing a single nano second of it.

Why do you, always, deliberately, keep a pseudo transparent barrier?
To show off your materialism and consumerism ?
Why do you make all the concrete things look so abstract  ?
To display your absolute and exclusive exclusiveness?
Consciously or unconsciously.
Voluntarily or involuntary.
Responsibly or irresponsibly 

 Its  beautiful and fair  for you because you are on the fairer side of the globalisation window.
Its hell for us because we are the victims, imprisoned, poisoned in the globalisation window.
You are indeed experts in creating beautiful visible virtual walls between you and us.

Do you know what is it in it.
We dont know what it is.
We may never know what it is
All we know is the brutal truth, "There is nothing like natural justice and if at it exists, it is not natural". 

The drops of life are from the raining luxuries, for You.
The drops of fight are from the stream of body steam, for us. 
It is our desperate struggle for the very existence.
Ruthless and valueless.
By the way do you know, "What is it ?"

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D2 said...

It's obviously difficult to have a complete answer to the questions you've asked But let's just keep trying nonetheless!
I like your blog.
All the best for BAT.