Monday, March 22, 2010

Farmers and Corporate India

Consider a family of 10 people with 1000 rupees monthly income . They have two choices.  

1. Everyone in the family gets a share of 100 rupees
2. Only 2 people get 900 rupees and remaining 8 have to share the left over 100 rupees.

Which choice do you support ?

Ideally speaking, in an Utopian voice, everyone of us will vote for first choice. Yes, It is easy to choose than to act. But, practically we have been flooded with the benefits and luxuries of fat salaries as the family of India had chosen the second choice of conscious partiality and bias towards the few lakhs corporate people over crores of farmers, since two decades. Ironically we are too busy in branded socialising and accumulating branded e-dump that we have never bothered about the remaining, who have been struggling for survival and existence, since 2 decades.

Rarely mentioned are the massive subsidies, now larger than ever before, for the Corporate sector. This year alone, the budget gifts over Rs. 500,000 crore in write-offs, direct and indirect, to the Big Boys(Corporate Sector). That's Rs. 57 crore every single hour on average — almost a crore a minute. Beating last year's Rs. 30 crore an hour by more than 70 per cent. (Ref: Tables 5 and 12 of the “Statement of Revenue Foregone” section of the budget.)

So, is it clear how India is producing Billionaires year after year ? How the Corporate Ship floats on the Fat-salary Syndrome? Who is responsible for the 2 lakh farmers suicides in india since 1997? The number is drastically many times more than the people died in terrorist activities? Isn't the issue more serious than terrorism. Is development at the cost of millions of lives valid, meaningful and Justified ? What is the meaning of having a notion of one country? We are living in the green pastures of golden illusion that we deserve every penny we have earned. But ...

  • There is hunger, starvation and death of thousands of hapless farmers behind every corporate luxury and aplomb. There is a painful cry, exploitation and injustice behind every lavish penny we are spending in this consumerist  electronic lifestyle. There are mass hungers, starvations and malnutritioned child deaths behind every urbanised superiority complex attitude. There are many hidden, untold tragedies and suicides on every currency note we spend affluently with pride.
  1. Why do the so called self proclaimed corporate tech savvy intellectuals and genius professionals need monetary concessions every year?(Rs. 57 crore every single hour in 2010 )
  2. Why do pesticides kill more farmers than pests in India? 
  3. Why do we conveniently ignore our indirect role in this corporate gambling ?(Oh k k ....fat salaries?)
  4. Why do corporate people  get concessions and monetary benefits every year where as farmers get loan waiver only once in two decades ? (Party Funds???
  5. Why don't the media talks about them(Oh! Corporate Media!)?
  6. Who is exploiting and plundering the innocents in the name of globalisation and corporate capitalism and finally calling it development? (?????)
  7. Why do the so called elite-modern-educated need a special financial platforms? Are they intellectually handicapped? 
  8. Why a farmer, the food giver, starves and begs for the same food he had produced?
  9. Who is ruling India as of now, ultimately, in the name of globalisation ?

 BTW, Why the tree of India is cutting down its own roots just because it has got colourful flowers and delicious fruits ???

Do we really care?
Are we ready to take the call of  social revolution and the responsibility ?
Are we ready for sacrifices and radical reforms?

We may shrug of these social differences simply by saying that we are not directly responsible for them  . Yeah, go for an easy way. Lets start blaming the politicians. Yes, we should even stop uttering pompous slogans like "Hamara Bharath Mahan". It is better to say "Mera Lifestyle Mahan".
It was shocking and shivering when the Pink Slip Syndrome stroked us last year. Imagine the plight of those volatile farmers who have been facing the Pink slips for LIFE every year, since 1991.

I would like to end  with.......
"We can wake up a person who is sleeping, but we cannot wake up a person who pretends to be sleeping "
Lets have Happy Hallucinations in the proverbial Frog's Well .
Worried about Hike?


Notes : (Source : The Hindu, March 1)
1. An incentive to repay loans on time — which millions of farmers cannot do — is being passed off as an additional subsidy to the aam kisan in this budget. And there is still an air of self-congratulation on the Rs. 70,000-crore farm loan waiver of 2008. A one-off waiver that comes once in so many decades.
2 .Yet revenue foregone in this budget in direct tax concessions to corporate tax payers is close to Rs. 80,000 crores. It was over Rs. 66,000 crore last year. And Rs. 62,000 crore the year before that. In all, Rs. 2,08,000 crores of direct freebies in 36 months.
3. Consider that this loot-and-grab sortie has been on for two decades now. It means that in direct tax freebies alone the corporate sector has had the equivalent of some 15 'farm loan waivers' since 1991. Then there's the indirect stuff. In this year's budget: Revenue foregone in excise duty — Rs. 1,70,765 crores. Customs duty — Rs.2,49,021 crores. Together with the Rs.80,000 crore in direct write-offs, the total nears Rs. 500,000 crores.


Raghav said...

Tight slap there…

Recently found out one more gut wrenching fact, and it’s more startling to find that 80% of the world resources are being consumed by 20% of the world population and the 80% of world population is waging a daily war for their share of the 20% global resources.

BK Chowla, said...

The 80-20 formula works here too.
But, your post is an eye opener and I wish those in the Govt who are turning a blind eye to the uneven distribution. The rich and poor divide will just get wider.
But, it is those with billions who bribe the govt.
I wish your post could be read by the FM and the PM.

santosh said...

Hello friends..
I m not a good writer to pen down in a good way...
But I just want to ask some simple questions in my own way..
Leave about senior citizens, govt officials, politicians and children, these questions are for Young Indians
How many Young Indians are bothered about agriculture and farmers?
How many Young Indians have at least thought about this kind of things happening in our great India?
How many Young Indians have at least realized that the waste they do in the form of huge amounts of money, food for the so called corporate parties, birthday parties and every single party they celebrate can can feed many people from that huge waste?
How many Young Indians have at least felt that YES, I have to do something for my country instead of getting many things from the country?

... And many questions like these

Yes, if some Young Indian talks in such a way then many other Young Indians laughs at him/her ans just says a single thing WHY YOU ARE BOTHERED OR WHY DONT YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS?

Here I just want to ask a single question..
Is been materialistic, getting fat salary job, enjoying with friends and family, lovers love, weekends, blah.. blah.. blah.. are ONLY THINGS important in our lives?

Many may not like my comment but it is fact and I am least bothered if I hurt any YOUNG INDIAN...


Imran Syed said...
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