Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why do i write this Crap here???

I do have Wishes, have Passions, have Interests, have Feelings, have Emotions, have Dreams, have Thoughts, have Goals, have Missions, have Anguish, have Complaints , have Failures, have this, have that, have every adjectivised nouns as everyone else do have their own, ofcoz, with varying intensity levels.
I think man has invented language to satisfy his urge to complain. Everyone needs a medium to vent their inner stuff. Some do it through friends, through gossip, through sharing, through anger, through smiles, through actions...... i vent my inner stuff through my thought process......but i need a better medium that can reach broader domain..........that may be the reason why u r reading this crap on this self-proclaimed wisdomised blog.............where i dont need to argue, but to discuss, to analyze, to simplify, to most of the people in this world are rather happy than to be concerned about the crap happening in my Life.
Coming to the first sentence.......i took some Risks hoping to get better means to reach my ends. The means was like climbing a mountain. I didn't fear the height of the mountain as i thought i had enough support that can catch me ,in case i fell, while climbing the mighty mountain. As Life called the shots in my case, i fell down while reaching the top. To my surprise and shock, i was taken aback to face the fact that there is no one else to catch me down. This emotional pain pricked me more than the physical pain. Again I told myself some tough truths then......

still more Crap to come......


Anonymous said...

Hi Mahesh,

I accidentally come across your blog. Interested to see the crap you have written so far. Got a question while ransacking through “the crap” you have written and the explanation you have given for your free time. The first paragraph you have written with your flow of thoughts (with anguish, emotional pain etc) then in the second paragraph you realized what you are writing and then controlled your thoughts to write some thing sense-able. Isn’t it true? The last sentence of the first paragraph “most of the people in this world are rather happy than to be concerned about the crap happening in my Life” breaks the user’s attention and you know that you don’t want the user go away. Even though you are saying that you are very normal, ordinary person in first paragraph you boasted yourself about gaining wisdom with your own will and journey of your life. What are you trying to achieve? I did not know much about you but I can empathize the pain you are going through. Hope I get a reply from you.


Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

Hi Siddarth....
Thanks for your time and concern.....
I am still in the process of getting wisdom as my ultimate aim in Life is to reach the stage of self-actualization. It is not boasting of my wisdom rather it is a sarcasm on myself in a relative perspective. Hence, I used the word "Self-proclaimed" as certain people will obviously view it in that aspect. I know it is a bit obscure as you do not know about me and my perception.
Anyways, thanks for your constructive feedback.
Its really nice meeting you.
Please feel free to give further feedback.

Mahesh Kalaal

Prasad said...


It's a warning comment. Delete after reading this.

Your blog has been tageted by spammers. Please take care.

Hari Prasad (ur current roommate)