Monday, March 17, 2014

Colour of Holi

In a deep tight sleep
You always keep digging
for that one Fragment
Why why why ???

The morning sun-rays
falling on your face
Through that little devil gap of window...
You are still in that darkness
that sleep, that dream...
without realising that your eyelids are shut

You know this second 
Only half of you is present here
You dont know ,
what the other half is doing 
in the world beyond the planets

Dream is your language
It shows you in ten mirrors

You live bit crazy in that world
Exactly the way you wanted to live here
Floating your body like a free bird
You fathom your mind depths
beautifully and cheerfully 
with Hugs
without complaints 
Even it is wounded or sick

In this world,
There is one and only one meaning
For the sentences We write...

Now, the sunlight has filled your room
Not knowing that there is one more night in you
You are moving away and away
Opening all the doors beyond the doors
without any direction
without any destination

By the way,
Do you remember that one 'Fragment'?
Do you know in which Script it is ???
Do you remember that Dream?
Do you know in which Colour it is ???
Do you know in which Colour it was ???

PS : Happy Holi

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