Thursday, March 8, 2012

I did it...

I did a mistake
not when i did it
but when some people said it
they said it is deviant 
as i didn't bow before the stone...

I did a blunder
not when i did it
but when some grades held it
they said it is minuscule
as i needed one more mark to make it...

I did nothing
though i did it
it is trivial 
but the world said i am a success
just because i fell down and got up with a fake smile...

I did it...
on few occasions 
for myself 
without adjectives 
Neither impressions nor expectations 
just to realize that i did it....
and, i will do it. 

 Expressed for 3ww with hinted words DeviantMinuscule and Trivial

PS : Thanks Rachana for being the inspiration :)

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