Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crapped Beauty

Crap !!!

When someone says beauty is divine, beauty is wisdom, beauty is humanity , beauty is god, beauty is truth, beauty is service, beauty is this and beauty is that, it is crap. Total Crap. Beauty is beauty , nothing else.

Beauty is physical which in turn gets reflected in physical cognition.
When you go to a school and enter a kindergarten classroom, who grabs our attention is the cutest kid with chubby and pink cheeks (preferably fair skin). No one will say that children are innocent and are equal to god, and God is beautiful and so all kids are beautiful or cute. The best proof is that only cute kids are allowed for baby products . What happened to our wisdom, truth, humanity when kids with hallow eyes, dark skin, curved nose and odd teeth are either ignored  or served with loads of sympathy. 

At the very basic level, the most beautiful thing for a chlorine atom is the free electron in the outermost shell of sodium atom and both combine to form NaCl, so that both get their chemical gratification(Ionic bond). I am not sure whether there is any inner beauty in sodium, except the free electron. So, every beautiful act in this universe is physical first. 

We have Nobel awards to treat and acknowledge the wisest and intellectual persons . Miss world crowns and mister universe titles are being awarded not for the wise and mature answers given by the contestants but for the statistics their bodies score. If wisdom is beautiful  or Beauty is wisdom the most beautiful person title could have been awarded to Ayn rand or Frederick Nietzsche.  People say that sunrise is beautiful but no one will appreciate the inner beauty of sun or the nuclear fissions of sun. No one will ever try to know or appreciate the inner beauty of flowers, colours, mountains, birds, rain  etc. Beauty should please and feed our senses first. Ironically we dont have awards or international contests for people with inner beauty . I am not denying the very existence of inner beauty . I am trying to say that physical or apparent beauty matters most for everyone rather than the much hyped inner beauty irrespective of whether it is the smell of rain or a serene beach. 

Beauty is skin deep. I don't know how much deeper. When we come across a person, what impacts or impresses us is her/his physical attributes first. The behavioral attributes comes later and even though a  person have a great behavioral traits , he/she is  known as intellectual, matured, wise, sensitive, selfish etc. We do have separate words for every psychological and behavioral  trait in human beings. Then why do we make so much of pomp about our adherence and priority to the so called inner beauty when what exactly matters us is the physical traits that please our senses. Katrina kaif or Deepika padukone are beautiful because of their physical traits not because they are associated with some social organisation or NGOs. If that is the case, we could have called Medha patkar and Aruna Roy as beautiful. Even modern-spiritual-corporate-enlightened babas and gurus need good looking women as their helpers and assistants. The physical traits matters so much for us that we even appreciate them in our enemies too. 

The moment I read “real beauty”, i got the question popped up in my mind, “Is there 'really' a difference between beauty and real beauty?”, which invariably lead to the basic question, “What beauty is?”. Also, there are concepts like surface beauty and inner beauty besides real beauty and virtual beauty. Most of the times real beauty is related with inner beauty which is mostly said to have a value quotient to the things we say and opine that are beautiful. Many people who say that Mother Theresa is the most beautiful women, their hard disk will be stuffed with loads of Aishwarys Rai or Jennifer Lopez pictures. Aishwarya Rai is indeed one of the most beautiful women. Many people may not agree with this and hence which means that the beauty is not absolute, and rather it is interpretative and perceptive. Even if the whole world agrees and accepts that Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful women, it is confined to only one species called humans. For a tiger she is just a prey of hunger and for millions of microbes she is a habitat to survive. A Forest may look beautiful for few days, but if we find out the inner beauty, it is the most harshest and brutal work of nature to continue the game of survival of the fittest. 

Beauty is also relative within a person. In men's perception , the two curves in women which fascinate them the most are the curvature of eyes and the curve of  lips which proportionately add much weight-age and importance to the remaining curves a woman possesses. So, is beauty all about materialistic properties only?  May or may not be. But the answer lies  in the contemporary modern consumerist materialist lifestyles we are leading in the name of development. 

When we feel something is beautiful, are we expecting from others that they should take pleasure in it? Beauty may be inter-subjective or subjective, but is it objective? Can we argue or debate rationally about whether something is beautiful? Basically beauty is more of cognition. Beauty also pertains to Aesthetics, erotica, sexual attraction and instincts gratification. We do have concepts like  natural beauty and constructed beauty where people feel that a waterfall is more beautiful than Taj mahal and vice versa. What we find beautiful might be a reflection of our personality and individuality also. And these days, social attractiveness is  also viewed as beautiful. 

I have seen women saying that motherhood is the real beauty. A mother loves her child or feels her child as the most beautiful kid irrespective of how the child looks like. The conflict arises when a mother brings out partiality among her kids where one kid dominates the other in appearance or cuteness. She loves the cuter kid more and symathises the other one, the fact which is quite tough to accept and digest for us. Yes, physical appearance do matters at the very early age. 

People keep changing their definitions of beauty depending on who and where the question of beauty has been asked and they finally end up replacing the apt word with 'beauty. 'Here are some examples.

Beautiful food(Delicious)
Beautiful shot ( awesome)
Beautiful music(pleasing or soothing)
Beautiful sunrise (delightful)
Beautiful movie (creative)
Beautiful waterfalls (enchanting) 
Beautiful writing(captivating)

People say that truth is beauty or beauty  is truth. If people come to know all the naked and brutal merciless truths of the world, for them, this world will definitely cease to be beautiful. And people who write that beauty is truth , never write truths about it. 
And here comes the most overrated beauty. The beauty of soul or the Beautiful soul. I am not going to write anything about it as being  an agnostic and anthropologist i don't believe in the very existence of soul. 
The funniest thing is when people say that "Life is beautiful" and we are yet to invent a parlor for it
Beauty may  be a a thing of crap, but all the crap in this world is definitely not beautiful. Finally what matters now a days is "Perfect beauty" rather than the "real beauty". 

But i didn't answer yet what beauty is? For me, being in" love" is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to any human being/living being.  Then the question, "What is real Love ?" will definitely arise and i guess this is a  good topic for next contest. 

Isn't this a 'beautiful' Crap? . Wait! Think about the inner beauty of this post, in case you believe and find it,  before you comment or conclude something.


PS :  I have written this post for Yahoo! India and Dove "I Believe in Real Beauty" under the topic what does real beauty mean to me? ? conducted by Indiblogger.  You can vote me Here


sandeep said...

Nice read and Almost a beautiful post. This is a relative world and hence there are no absolute definitions. You speak facts. I like it.

Shilpa said...

So, when you say that Love is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to any human being, do mean that:
Love is the most beautiful(wonderful feeling to be felt). :D

Shilpa said...

*do you mean that

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Sandeep,
Thanks :)

@ Shilpa,
Yes, Not just love, "Being in love" is the most beautiful thing(not wonderful) feeling... For me the the feeling of beauty is the electro magnetic interpretation of our neural patterns
of the person who feels it.
Thanks :)

The Fool said...

Interesting analysis. Though I would say the title crap does not justify the content. The title sounds more forceful and cynical than your content actually is, I would say. Here is my take just in case you may like to check out

Mahesh Kalaal said...

@ Fool,

Hey buddy, seems like you may be true in saying that. I didnt think much about the title. I used it just only for the reason that i have started and ended the post with the word 'crap'. Thanks for your feedback :)

nikhy said...

Beautiful crap! :):)

Nethra said...

You just contradicted other's opinions but, I suppose, the contest was about what beauty means to you. Anyway, I agree with few things that you have mentioned in your post.

pennlifenids said...

Real and meaningful content...keep up with it...

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Mahesh:

I dont care what the topic is or you writing for the contest! For me anything you write is delight to read since it gives churns in my thoughts, ideas and perception! I so love that. I might agree on few things might just disagree on many things but what a beautiful read, i mst admit!...Ah! here I just used the word beautiful..kindly do not misinterpret that..for me the post was truly amazing and unique!

Honestly for me beauty is talent, one thing that sets you apart from rest...stands you as a unique being on this earth...This post is one of that!

There were few things in the post were so well expressed!...

Lines Like.." For a tiger she is just a prey of hunger and for millions of microbes she is a habitat to survive."
"In men's perception , the two curves in women..."

And many such sweet lines! When I say those were sweet lines it does not mean the ants will get stick to those lines :P

If for you beauty is being love..I wish...if this post written was actually on the most details of being in love...Hail! Don't give the narration of love between the animals like you did do long bk ago in one of the other contest post ;)

I loved the post...n found that this was the most beautiful post I read so far! :)And I mean that when i say!

You definitely
~Keep the Spark ALive..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Perhaps, beauty is often overrated, under rated other times, but seldom is it rated the way it should be.

Interesting read on the take.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sidra Sayeed said...

that was a nice read after a while..

Videv said...

Awesome!!! while most pl crapped on about real beauty and inner souls bla bla bla.. u came to the point... nice read.. it was a pleasure reading it...
will keep reading any future posts from u...

Someone is Special said...

Mahesh.. I agree with Rachana.. U are a sweet writer.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

Someone is Special