Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Wave, 2009

Liberty of Impression
Freedom of Expression
Being myself could cause trouble
Being someone else could cause confusion

Cramming without interest
Measuring intelligence
Index of Competitive success
Material consumerism

Information Market
Breaking News
Toxic Feeds
Flash Weeds

Urban Tracks
Hurry and Scurry
Stealing precious moments
Time is of essence
So what?

Midnight blasts
Clocks and Ticks
Music and Masthi
Josh and Beer

Get togethers
Rap and Rides
Pubs and Roads
Lights and Fights

Calenders and Resolutions
Numbers and Figures
Diaries and Plans
Tours and Gifts
Memories and Hopes

Fragrance of New
Desires are in Queue
Dreams are in dew
Options are few
Is that you?

Yeah , yeah, yeah
Pleasant to have
New Year Wave, 2009

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