Wednesday, July 25, 2018


All these days, I was like an electron , always trying to get out of the outermost orbit to find a suitable atom. ... I found a stable atom in you and I did hop to your outermost orbit ... But then like any electron, I was constantly trying to get to the very much you, the nucleus.

In those two days spent in your atomic space,  I was that electron .... I was stable with you, still unstable .... May be because you , the nucleus, highly stable, is full of protons , and the electron has to become a proton, in order to be within the nucleus . ..

But then all I want to say is that electron loves this beautiful nucleus studded in a beautiful atom .... because this electron's affinity for nucleus protons is more than its own charge .

Love you ,
Dear Proton


An abondoned pagal electron , strucked in Badmaashi Quantum Duality

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